Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Bushes Have Boogie Men

I hadn't done much with Bombay in a while, so I pulled him out of his nap and led him to the trailer for some grooming.  His hair has shed out in patches, so he's got these long, soft tufts sticking out in random places among very short hair.  I spent a lot of time curry combing him, and he was all pumped up and on edge staring at the arroyo the entire time I groomed him.  I kept encouraging him to relax, but he just couldn't do it.

So, I took him to the round pen in hopes that some exercise would help him relax.  It was difficult keeping his attention on me, because he just kept looking down at the arroyo.  When I moved him up to the faster gaits, he kept spooking in the same spot by the arroyo.  I wandered over that part of the round pen to see if there was some critter bothering him, but I saw nothing.

Since I thought he was spooking at nothing, I put him through his paces and refused to let up on the pressure until he stopped spooking.  All the while I was talking to him, calling out cues, praising and scolding him, telling him what I expected of him, even though horses don't speak human, but I was talking out loud more to get it clear in my head on what I wanted him to accomplish.

At one point I wanted him to lope three rotations of the round pen in one direction, and then do the same in the other direction.  However, he kept turning and stopping before I gave him the cue to turn.  So, I started all over with the first rotation, and he'd always blow it and stop on the final rotation before I asked him to.  I was getting irritated, thinking that he was jerking me around and just trying to call the shots himself.  We tried one more time, and right in the final rotation, he spun hard and galloped right at me.

I threw the whip at him and he jumped away from me before impact.  I saw that he was watching something over my shoulder and I turned around to see another snowbird neighbor that arrived just this week hiking up out of the arroyo.  He was right where my property ends and his property begins.  I had been grooming and lunging Bombay for at least an hour, and I know that guy had to be down in the arroyo the entire time, because if he walked past my round pen, the horses would have pointed him out to me.

I was turning in the center of the round pen trying to keep Bombay focused and moving while this man was hiking past us, and then he suddenly disappeared like a ghost.  I always get suspicious of people who are stealthy like that.  What are they up to?  So, I kept turning my body as Bombay ran, but kept my eyes on where the man had been.  I suddenly saw his elbow poke out from behind the one tall bush on his property.  He had darted behind that bush so that he could spy on me.  When he realized he got caught, he quickly bent over and pretended to be weeding.  I continued to keep my eye on him, so he scurried back to his house.

What really annoyed me was that based on where Bombay was looking and spooking, the man was on my side of the property line all that time while he was in the arroyo.  People always think that I can't see them if they trespass down there, but the horses let me know when something is going on.  I just have to not be too dense to pay attention to what the horses are telling me.  I have no qualms with chewing out strangers who trespass, but when neighbors do it, I feel conflicted.  I have to live with these people, and I don't want them to start harassing me like the neighbors at my old place did.  But since this guy put No Trespassing signs all over his own property, you'd think he'd have the courtesy to stay off my property.  Now I'm really curious as to what he was doing down there, and I want to set up a security camera.

Unfortunately, this is the same man who nearly caused me to get into a wreck on Bombay last spring when he kept riding his bicycle in circles on the bridle trails in front of my house all day.  I mean, there was literally no time of day that I could ride out without this man being there on his bicycle.  I had to hire a horse trainer to help me get my horses used to bicycles because I was so fed up with them spinning and trying to run for home every time they saw one.  My main complaint is that this man takes over the whole neighborhood when he's here.  I go out back, he's out back.  I go out front, he's out front.  I go out in the desert, he's out in the desert.  It's like there are half a dozen clones of him.

This is the brother of the woman I spoke to the other day, and I told her that I had to kick a trespasser off my property just a few hours before.  She said, "Yeah, you gotta stay on top of that stuff around here."

I said, "These people are essentially walking around in my back yard.  I have no privacy and I don't feel safe."

She said, "Yeah, I know," like she could relate.   Now her brother is walking around in my back yard like he owns it.  WTF?  People sure can be shits.

I'm thinking of setting up camp down there tomorrow.  I'll take a chair, a book to read, and a video camera with me and wait for the guy to show up.  Then I'll walk the property line with him so there is no question of where he can and can't hang out.  It pisses me off that I can't even talk to my horses and train them without him being in the bushes.  I know he's going to be here all month, because his sister told me.  Any ideas of pranks I can pull on him each time he trespasses?


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Someone or something already cut my yarn that I put up to block trespassers. Note to self: Rent a guard dog for the two weeks around Easter next year.

Water Girl said...

Could you put up a "Beware of Dog" sign anywhere or would that not work because the trespassers know you have smaller dogs? Plenty of people in my area have those signs up, even though they don't have dogs. Maybe you should get a tape recording of a big dog barking (think Mastiff or Doberman) and trigger it when you see trespassers.
Nothing has deterred solicitors and other weirdos coming to the door like hearing the booming barks of our Lab puppy.

appydoesdressage said...

Spray paint your property line with marker paint so people will see the defined line instead of open space with a line they can't see?

Tina said...

HOLY COW! I can't believe someone already cut the yard. Throw a roll of unstrung barbed wire. We had a problem with some neighbors when they first moved in. The guy who sold them the property told them that my barn was theirs LOL! Boy was that a lot of fun to deal with. I nipped it in the butt real fast though. I whipped out my survey map from when I bought my house...shut them up real fast. Now they planted trees on the neighbors property next door...grrrr

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Tina - Ugh. Sounds like the guy was desperate to make a sale of his house. I didn't like it when my neighbors' Realtor posted pictures of my barn among the pictures of their property that is up for sale. Their ads claim to have things on the property that aren't there like a round pen. I don't know how home sellers and Realtors think they can get away with lying about such things. Oh oh. It just occurred to me that maybe they were referring to my round pen, trying to get people to think it is a part of the property that's for sale.

Mrs Shoes said...

Damn people are such jackholes! Rewrap that area with wire instead maybe?

achieve1dream said...

What the heck???? I'd be out there walking all over his property and when he complained tell him if he doesn't stop trespassing on my property I will continue to trespass on his. People so piss me off! Do they not have lives? Hobbies? Good grief! Maybe you should spread a bunch of tacks on your property line so he gets them all in his shoes if he crosses to your side. Or tar? I like the idea of painting your property line. You need to set up all sorts of booby traps in the arroyo. Heck even cans on strings or bells or something that would be loud and scare them so they realize they've been caught.... ugh!