Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Dump Yields Another Favor

My husband and I hauled another trailer full of manure to the dump this morning.  The day is coming to a close and I still reek of other people's garbage.  The stench at that place is so intense that it gets embedded in your skin and clothes.  The only thing I've smelled that is worse was an employee of a septic company who pumped human poop out of septic tanks all day.

It takes us a while to shovel everything out of the trailer, and during the process several vehicles usually back in beside us to dump their stuff.  Most of the time it is gardeners dumping tree trimmings and weeds, but occasionally it's someone clearing out their garage or dumping what didn't sell from a yard sale.

On today's trip I saw a huge bouncy ball being blown around by the wind.  I made a mental note to go check it out before we leave, but one of the dump employees punt kicked it over a wall.  I'll have to be quicker next time.  The horses would have had a blast playing with that thing.  I might just go to a toy store some day and get a giant ball there.  The big balls manufactured just for horses are out of the price range I'm willing to pay, and I'm sure my boys could pop those immediately.  I think that horse toy manufacturers need to hire my geldings to test their products.

But what we did grab was a 100-gallon stock tank in perfectly good condition.  It was just missing a plug.  When we got it home, I tried my spare plugs with it, but they were too big.  I have Rubbermaid drain plugs and this is a Little Giant stock tank.  I found one store in Minnesota that carries the drain plug kit for that brand and I ordered two.  The shipping costs exceeded the cost of the two plugs.  The tank itself would have cost between $65 and $180 new, depending on where you buy it.  Sometimes you can hit the jackpot just by visiting the dump.  The trick is to grab the good stuff before the tractor pushes it off to be crushed.

On our way home, we found our grain bags strewn all up and down our street.  Apparently, the recycling truck picked up the contents of our can while we were at the dump and the bags flew out of the back of it as the driver drove down the street.  I got on my bicycle and rode around stuffing bags into one bag and trying to steer with one hand while keeping the bags from falling out from under my arm as I went.  I know it's hard to see behind those trucks, but I wish the drivers would check their side view mirrors every once in a while to see if they are leaving a trail of garbage behind them.  I often have to clean up their messes on trash days.

Every time I go to the dump I attract attention.  Men are always fascinated to see a woman shoveling manure out of the back of a trailer.  I don't know many women who would subject themselves to going to a landfill, but three of the horses who manufacture all that poop are mine, so I feel obligated.  In Nevada, we had five large lawns and a pasture, and we used all the manure to fertilize the grass, but here in Arizona the poop just piles up.  I used to advertise free manure in Craigslist, but I got tired of all the interruptions.  The men who came by to pick up the manure were more interested in socializing with me than in actually hauling off the poop.  I was working 80 hours a week back then, and just didn't have the time to spare to be entertaining strangers.  At least by hauling the manure to the dump and shoveling it out of the trailer, I'm getting my exercise.

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achieve1dream said...

Wow that's a great find on the stock tank! Too cool!!!

Hey you got your exercise biking after all those bags too hehehehe. Sorry I couldn't resist. I hope the weather was at least nice for all of this. :D