Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bye Bye Blue Jeans

What are Bombay and Rock fighting over now?

My favorite pair of NYDJ blue jeans wore thin and developed a rip in the inner thigh right by the crotch.  I tried to milk them for all they were worth and continued to wear them, pretending as if there were no gaping hole in an inappropriate location.  There was no point in ironing or sewing on a patch because other areas on the jeans were so thin that they were ready to rip the next time they went through the washer.  I realized that just because I could pretend I was walking around without a rip in my crotch, that didn't mean that other people couldn't see it, so I gave in and tied the legs in knots and gave the jeans as a gift to the horses.

Reader Tina gave me the idea.

Bombay stepped on the jeans while playing the carriage game, and fell to his knees.  I checked his legs and there was no blood.  He was perfectly sound too, so it was just an embarrassing moment for him.

I'm amazed by how far he was able to twist his head in the picture above.

The only problem with giving clothing or fabric to the horses to play with is that they want to do the laundry.  They start dunking it in the water troughs, pulling it out, dropping it in the sand, and dunking it in the water troughs again, making the water dirty.  So, I don't do this often.  But at least I don't have to worry about some trespasser stealing the jeans out of the horse paddock.  An old ripped up pair of jeans isn't as tempting to steal as a nice, new shiny ball.

Although, now that the temperatures are getting up there, most of the trespassers and troublemakers are gone, so I did request a new ball for the horses for Mother's Day.  I also requested a new set of nail clippers for the dogs.

Rock won the carriage game when Bombay ran away.  Rock doesn't hurt the other horses, but he doesn't back down either.  He wins all disagreements and competitions out of sheer persistence.  He's like a tank that just keeps on rolling after them like a stalker regardless of what obstacles they throw in his path.  I've seen Rock get all three horses running away from him, and he never once even moved up out of the walk.  He just follows them around slowly, nose to the ground like a bulldozer.  It's kind of creepy.

I've been working on getting the horses to not block my ability to swing gates open and closed, because I waste so much time out of every day slapping them on the chests to get them to back up, and most of the time they either stand there and stare at me or back up at the rate of molasses.  They are on their worst behavior when I finally get them out of the way, and then as soon as I start trying to close the gate, they push it hard with their noses in the opposite direction, throwing it open and smashing my fingers between the gate and stall panel.  Or they do the opposite and push it toward me when I am trying to open it, and I nearly get knocked down by the force of the gate swinging into me.

So, I've been bringing the long whip with me into the barn and asking the horse who is blocking the gate to back up while pumping the palm of my hand toward them in the air.  If they ignore me, I slap them on the chest while saying, "Back."  If they ignore me again or don't back up fast enough, the whip comes into play.  It's amazing how quickly they went from not responding at all to just automatically standing in corner furthest away from the gate when I need to swing it open or closed.  My barn chores get completed so much faster now.  I don't have to struggle to get things done in the heat due to my horses working against me, blocking me from reaching my goals, and canceling out all my hard work.  Now I have their full cooperation.

This is Stewart VonPinchenloafen's paranoid look -- ears back, eyes bulging, legs poised to bolt.  Whenever he gets a hold of a napkin, he just keeps it in his mouth, and won't let anyone take it away from him.  He trots around the house, proudly carrying his catch.  It's his prize.


Tina said...

Yay!! You tried it!! It's so funny how they love playing tug of war! I am also very thankful my two haven't tried to dunk theirs in the water!! I never thought about that. Yikes! I am nursing 2 pairs of jeans right now...Mine like to rip in the inside thigh area when I'm sweaty and they've stretched...then rip! :(

achieve1dream said...

LOL Stewie's expression is cracking me up!!!!

I love the pictures you take of the boys playing. I should try the knotted jeans next time I have a worn out pair. :) Such a fun idea!

Mrs Shoes said...

I especially love the 'walking in tandem' pic - they're almost perfectly in step!

Mrs Shoes said...

VonPinchenLoafen...? OMG Nuz, RFLMAO!!
ManicMinPin also loves paper products - but she runs away with them & hides to SHRED them to a million bits. Used kleenex are her favourite! *gagme*

fernvalley01 said...

what fun and Stewart is too cute! love the name too