Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Grad Bag

No, that's not a typo.  I do mean "grad bag" and not "grab bag".

I asked Bombay to help me get my exercise, so he put on his halter and took me for a walk.

Once the spring/summer days start heating up, I tend to take walks in the late afternoons so that I don't have to smell my B.O. all day after perspiring through my clothes.  All it takes is being outside for about ten minutes and you find yourself showering in your own sweat.

After being trained to always lead a horse on my right side, I decided that I'd rather be able to lead my horse in whatever position the environment calls for.  If we have a narrow pass, I signal for the horse to stay behind me.  If the ground is higher on the right, I lead the horse on my left because I want to be higher than my horse.  That way if I slip, I fall into my horse as opposed to my horse slipping and falling into me.

Anyway, I woke up the other morning feeling like my once broken arm was broken again.  This happens to me from time to time.  I've seen doctors, physical therapists and a neurologist about it.  Everyone believed I was in pain, but no one knew why.  The problem was that everyone was looking at my arm.  The neurologist finally decided to look elsewhere and discovered that I have chronic pain in my neck.  I actually don't feel the pain unless I get whiplash when a horse spooks while I'm riding it, but for some reason the neck pain occasionally manifests itself in my left arm.  Anyway, I had to take Bombay back to the old days by keeping him mostly on my right.

While walking, we found a Mylar balloon stuck in a bush next to a main bridle trail.  I pulled it out of the bush and Bombay got all huffy and puffy on me, but I ignored his reaction and just started walking while crinkling it in my hand.  In retrospect, it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do having only one arm in use.  However, he was good and followed me.  He even got curious enough to poke the balloon in my hand with his nose a few times.  We also found a plastic bag stuck to a bush blowing in the wind, so we grabbed that too.  I gave Bombay lots of praise for helping keep the environment clean.

The balloon said "GRAD" on it.  Yup, the high schools and colleges should have had their graduation ceremonies recently.  We took the balloon home and tied it to the fence so that everyone could play with it.

Even Lostine was interested.  I love it when she participates in our games.  She usually isn't curious about anything.  She's kind of a "been there, seen that, done it" type of gal.


Crystal said...

I try to think of leading my ponies different ways but I really just do whats easiest except when I need to lead 2 then its always a challenge to keep one on each side of me. I should do it more.
I love how your ponies are so fun and into stuff, love seeing what they are up to next

Mrs Shoes said...

All those discarded balloons have come in handy desensitizing your herd!

achieve1dream said...

Hmm I haven't practiced leading Chrome from the right side in a while. I used to do it all the time. I need to do that. I'm glad Bombay was a good boy. The pictures are so cute. I'm glad Lostine joined in.