Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tale of The Bunny with the Torn Ear and The Stunned Lizard

Each spring there is usually at least one wild rabbit that figures out I'm not interested in eating it, and it feels comfortable enough to hang out with me.  This year that rabbit is one with a rip right down the middle of one ear.  I've noticed that whenever I start pouring grain into the horses' feed troughs, bunnies will come running from all directions.  They wait until I leave, and then move in under the horses' feed troughs to catch whatever falls out of their mouths onto the ground.  However, the bunny with the torn ear will hop right up whether I'm there or not and start feasting.  It's a very smart rabbit, because it has figured out that Lostine has the hardest time chewing her food, and is therefore the sloppiest eater.

On that note, if you want your daily overload of cuteness, google "rabbit stampede in Japan" and watch the YouTube videos that come up.

Something has been trying to build a nest of sticks behind our haystack within the wooden pallets.  I have no idea what kind of animal would do this other than a rat.  We still have a rat dragging sticks up onto our porch at night.  Every once in a while I sweep them off the deck, and the rat brings them right back.  The other night I was walking in the yard at night with a flashlight and I caught sight of a very tiny mouse that hopped and stood on its two hind legs like a kangaroo.  Any ideas what could be making this nest?  The sticks are too large and heavy for a mouse to drag.

I did find this lizard close by...

Last week I was on a roll riding at least one horse a day.  The horizon looked clear and optimistic, so I thought I was finally going to get back into the swing of keeping every horse well trained and exercised.  Then my husband came home from work early with abdominal and back pains.  A short time after that he began spitting up blood, so I took him to the emergency room.  Turned out he has bacterial pneumonia, which was really odd because he hadn't been showing signs of respiratory distress like coughing.  He is now, though.

That same day I started feeling cruddy.  There were no obvious symptoms.  I just felt chronically fatigued.  I slept most of the following day and have been trying to get my energy back ever since.  I entertained the idea that a mosquito may have infected me with some disease, because every night is a battle trying not to get bit.  I don't know where they are getting in, but the mosquitoes have taken over our house.  However, it's more likely that the new prescription drug my PA put me on has the side effect of fatigue, which is disappointing.  It seems like everything is a trade off.

I'm taking vitamins to try to counteract the tiredness, but so far it hasn't been working.  So, I try to force myself to exercise.  Today my husband and I went mountain biking.  My husband was having problems with his back tire and had to return to the house.  Right then, a dirty homeless man on a bicycle rode past us on another trail and stared at us.  I didn't want to return to the house with my husband.  I wanted to ride while he repaired his tire, but the homeless man was making me nervous.  I've been a magnet for panhandlers lately.  This weekend as I was getting out of my truck I got stopped in the Walmart parking lot by a guy who was eyeing my purse and asking for a dollar so he could get something to eat.

Well, I certainly can spare a dollar, but there is no way in hell I am going to take my purse off my shoulder, open it up, and open up my wallet in front of a stranger in a parking lot, so I told him I was on my way into the store because I was out of cash and needed to get some.  It was mostly true.  I probably had a dollar, but I wasn't going to risk getting mugged to find out.

Then on the way out of Walmart I got stopped by another guy while I was climbing into my truck.  I do not want strange men coming anywhere near me, especially in a situation where I could get easily car-jacked.  He said, "Excuse me, Ma'am," and I said, "What?" in an angry, unfriendly tone, hoping he'd get scared and just go away.  But he marched right up to me.  I wanted to say, "Dude!  Don't approach lone women in parking lots unless you want mace in your face."  It turned out that this guy needed a ride, but instead of straight out asking for a ride, he asked for a cell phone charger so he could call his friend for a ride.  "I don't carry those with me," I said.  Then he saw my husband walking up and left.  I'm sure if my husband wasn't there, he'd have hit me up for a ride.

So, here I am mountain biking in the desert with this homeless guy on a bike nearby.  I kept an eye on him.  He seemed to be scouting the area, probably to set up camp, which is illegal, and I certainly did not want a homeless camp in front of my house.  I biked away from him and when it was time to turn around to meet up with my husband, I found that the homeless guy had followed me and was making a beeline for me.  I was like, "There is no way I am letting this guy get two words out of his mouth at me.  He probably wants money."  So, I kicked it into gear and blasted right past him.  There was no way he could keep up.

If I'm hiking or biking or horseback riding and people say hello or nice day as they pass me, I'm fine with that.  But when someone acts like he is hunting me down because he wants something from me, I can suddenly become very elusive or downright mean.  When the religious groups or salespeople are on my street, I usually head out into the desert to escape them, so it was disappointing to have someone stalking me out there.  I feel like there is nowhere I can go to get away from people and their personal agendas.  It's funny, but I feel way less threatened by the rattlesnakes, killer bees and coyotes than I do by my own kind.

While I was in the waiting room of the hospital, there was a man on crutches who kept trying to call for a cab to get a ride home, but he didn't have any money, so he was trying to get his insurance company to pay the cab company.  Apparently, he's been in the hospital a lot and knows that this was a benefit.  Of course, he lost his insurance card, so he was struggling to get help.  He kept getting routed through an automated system and was getting increasingly frustrated.  He slammed the receiver down several times and screamed obscenities at the top of his lungs.  I was quaking in fear, because the guy seemed to be completely insane.  I was worried that he might whip out a gun and go postal on all of us.  The security guard just sat behind his desk reading a comic book, acting like nothing was going on.  Finally, one of the receptionists assisted him and told him not to use that language anymore, and to have patience.  She successfully settled him down.  The scary part about it was that I almost offered him a ride when he first came out on crutches and mentioned that he didn't have a way to get home.

I haven't had the energy to lift a saddle, but I have been able to stand in the middle of the round pen and bark orders at the horses...

It was difficult to get Rock to move any faster than the slowest trot he could do without walking at first, but then something caught his eye and spooked him.  He took off at a gallop to get away from it.  I looked over and saw that it was just Gabbrielle lying down.  He couldn't see her clearly through the trees, so he must have thought she was a wild animal.  I took advantage of his sudden burst of adrenaline and kept him loping, but then he spooked a second time.  I wasn't sure at what.  Then I saw something white in the round pen.

I walked over to go see what it was, and found that Rock had a collision with a lizard.  The lizard was lying upside down in the dirt.  I said to Rock, "You killed a lizard, Dude."

Then I saw it was still breathing, so I ran to get my camera.  I thought I shut the gate behind me, but it swung open and Rock started heading out without a lead rope.  I screamed and jumped for the gate, which scared the heck out of Rock and he spun around and took off running to the other side of the round pen.  So, he got three good scares within a  couple of minutes of each other.

When I walked up to the lizard to get a picture, it was coming back to consciousness and flipped itself upright.

It looks like its nose got a little smashed.  I picked it up with the handle of my long whip and moved it out of the round pen, so that Rock and I could finish our session.

Within a few minutes, it was running around, so I think it will survive.  Also, a while back I got this shot of a coyote just off our porch sniffing some watermelon rinds my husband tossed outside for the critters.  The picture was taken through the window, so it's not the greatest quality...

And here is a cardinal perched on a pole...

By the time my lens zoomed out, it was gone.


Tina said...

Okay, the bunny stampede was stinkin cute! I wonder how they feed all those bunnies though. They all looked nice and pudgy. I wonder if they eat them. It was cute overload. It's amazing all the wild life you have there. When I lived in the middle of no where South Dakota, we saw never saw that much LOL!

Mrs Shoes said...

Thank goodness you got your man to the dr Nuz. You've inspired me to write about this further on my blog, my husband has nearly died from pneumonia.

achieve1dream said...

I've seen the bunny stampede. It is so cute!!!!

Sorry you guys have been sick. Glad you're okay. I hope the fatigue went away after you adjusted to the new medicine.

Glad the lizard is okay!