Sunday, June 14, 2015

From the Geriatric Ward

The past couple of days have been tough on the horses.  They've been feeling the effects of all those vaccinations, and their mouths are obviously sore from getting their power floats.  I cringe every time the equine dentist accidentally cuts the horses' gums, lips, and/or cheeks with his spinning power tools.  I'm sure the horses have to be hurting when they come out of sedation.  They've been having a hard time eating and have been very droopy.  Rock has actually been stumbling around like a drunk and sweating with fever.  It's weird how some years they get their vaccinations and teeth floats, and there are no side effects, and other years they get the exact same thing and behave like they've had major surgery.  They seem better this morning, though.

I tried to cheer them up by grooming everyone and then playing "poke the the tennis ball on the end of the stick" to do some clicker training and give them peppermints.  That went well until I found myself surrounded by eager students and nearly got mugged.

I've been practicing clicker training with the dogs.  The book I'm reading wants me to do the training on a mat, which is supposed to become a safe place for the dogs to help their anxiety, but the slick yoga mat I used didn't work with Stewie because each time I told him to sit or lay down, he'd run off the mat to do it.  He clearly did not like placing his butt on that material, so I'll have to use a towel or or a more comfortable mat.

I find it ironic that I can feed Stewie one click at a time during his training sessions, but he still won't eat his meals, regardless of how encouraging I am.  There's something about me being around at meal times that makes him not want to eat, so if someone else is home, I just leave the room and ask them to feed him.  He will eat his meals for other people.  I think the problem is that one time he saw me freak out and grab Midge when I caught her wolfing down Scrappy's food.  I over-reacted because I knew that Scrappy's food can make her sick.  She has a strict diabetic diet.  My reaction probably left an impression in Stewie and he doesn't want me to yell and grab him if he starts eating.  That's my theory of the day, anyway.

The dogs are clearly affected by the heat.  I find them lying on the cool tile floors instead of on their pillows and in their dog beds.  It's getting more and more difficult for Scrappy to jump up on the couch, so I sometimes help him up.  He also doesn't want to get up to go outside, so I sometimes carry him outside.  I've also started wetting down his food because he has a hard time eating dry food.  Aging sucks.

On a lighter note, I wanted to pass on some funny jokes.  One evening my daughter was helping me clean stalls, and Rock was being his usual lazy self, refusing to move while standing in a pile of manure.  My daughter said, "If Rock were a human man, he's the type who would leave his dirty underpants lying on the floor."

Now I can't get that image out of my head and it cracks me up every time I think of it.  It's especially funny because Rock has such a large booty, and when he walks, he walks like he's got a load in his pants.  He's so lazy that he won't even pick up his feet when he moves.  Now I picture him dragging a pair of whitey tighties behind him that are stuck around his hind hoof when he walks.

We've been having problems with mosquitoes getting into our house and destroying us while we sleep.  I had no idea how they were even getting in.  We've also been having problems with suspicious strangers driving up and down our street, and unexpected visitors stopping us in our tracks.  I took the dogs outside to do their business and heard a loud rapping on our back door.  I tried walking around the corner to see who was there, but the dogs were dragging me in the opposite direction, so I just waited for the knocker to come off the porch, but no one ever came around the corner.

I've had salespeople knock on my back door before, and it always freaks me out.  To me, that's a very inappropriate behavior.  Front doors are for strangers.  Strangers should never walk right into someone's back yard or into their garage and knock on those doors, yet people around here do it all the time because they are desperate to deliver their sales pitch and they've read the sign on my front door that tells them not to knock or ring the doorbell.  Somehow they think it's okay if they knock or ring on a different door, or they just try to pretend like they never saw the sign.  So annoying.

Anyway, I took the dogs back into the house and looked out the window onto the back porch, and no one was there.  I was baffled, because the rapping was super loud.  I felt like only an aggressive human being could have made that noise.  I told my husband about it, and he suggested that it might be this bird that always knocks on our back door when the bird seed gets low.  I've heard that bird, and I still think it would take a fist to make that noise, not a beak.

Anyway, the other night I was coming indoors and couldn't get in the door, because this huge mosquito was buzzing right at the crack in the door and I knew it would fly into the house as soon as I opened the door.  I shooed it away repeatedly until it was gone, and then I quickly ran inside.  I told my husband why I was acting so strangely and he said, "Yeah, that mosquito was probably who was knocking on the back door the other day."


Ian H said...

I would be looking for another equine dentist! Our horses had their teeth floated on a regular basis, and never once did our guy cut or nick them.

achieve1dream said...

My dentist doesn't cut my horse's mouth or gums either.... Maybe the drill is too big for your horses' mouths?? I'm glad they are feeling better.

That's so annoying about people knocking on the back door (although the mosquito theory is hilarious). Maybe you need a sign back there too??

Your daughter is so funny!! I can totally see Rock dragging tighty whiteys by his hoof lol!!

Brenda said...

Hahahaha. Thank you for the mental picture of Rock and his tighty whities and walking around like he's got a load in his pants.

I agree with you on the door thing. Strangers should go to the front door, not a garage or side door. We have a "No Soliciting" sign on our front door that covers magazines, religion, politics etc but people still knock on that door. Seriously, people? It even has pictures in case English isn't your native language.