Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Need a Spare Foot

Too bad people can't have a spare foot like cars have a spare tire.  My right foot has been attracting trouble lately.  It's so bizarre that there's nothing to do but stick it in bubble wrap and laugh over the absurdity of it all.

I mentioned a few days ago that my mare Gabbrielle stepped on my foot.  It was fine.  No broken bones.  Just pain and swelling.  But all in the past 24 hours I have had ridiculous injury after ridiculous injury happen to that same foot, and it has all added up to me limping again.

I took the dogs outside on leashes and all three managed to get their leashes wrapped around my legs simultaneously.  That knocked me off balance and as I was bringing my foot down to catch my fall, Stewie ran under my foot.  I had to change my trajectory fast because I would have killed him if I stepped on him, so I swung my foot out and stomped down in such a way that all my weight came down on that foot.  I felt something snap and thought, "If I didn't have a stress fracture before, I'm pretty sure I've got one now."

Sure enough, a long, thin blue bruise showed up in the location of the pain.  Then in the process of walking funny to avoid putting weight on the hurting part of my foot, I rolled my ankle twice.  Then I was limping through the house and somehow got my right foot under one of those plastic carpet protectors and it sliced into the side of my foot.  I stopped the bleeding, and then while I was hobbling through the house, Scrappy got in my way and the toes on my right foot collided with his bony leg.  I thought I was going to lose my voice from the number of times I screamed in agony today.

Of course, Scrappy didn't even yelp.  He's fine.  It didn't hurt him at all.  My foot feels like a mangled  mess now.  The toes hurt, the skin hurts, the muscles hurt, the bones hurt...  Sometimes it just seems to be written in the stars that something is supposed to happen, and if I escape it the first two or three times, eventually something will hit the mark and fulfill my destiny.

Ironically, just yesterday I happened to find a bandage wrap I'd been looking for that I used the last time I sprained my ankle.  When my daughter and I went hiking, she needed it for her knee, but I couldn't find it.  It had been sitting in a shoe box along with an orthopedic shoe in my closet that I get a lot of use out of when I have broken toes.  I think summer in Arizona isn't doing me any favors.  I can't stand wearing shoes and socks because of the heat, so I walk around the house barefoot and take my chances with the scorpions.  Going barefoot indoors around dogs and furniture is the quickest way to break a toe.  I feel safer going barefoot outdoors around the horses and rattlesnakes.

Does anyone have any creative ideas on training little dogs to stay out from under my feet?  The natural consequences of accidentally getting kicked and stepped on obviously has no effect on them.  I have an easier time of it getting my horses to stay out of my space than to get my dogs away from my feet.  Midge is the worst, because she anticipates where I am going to walk next and then runs over there and stands or lays across the doorway to prevent me from getting into the room.  If I step over her, she purposefully makes a move to try to trip me.  If I order her to get out of the way, she just stares at me.  If I pick her up to move her, she just comes right back.

Midge's storm phobia seems to be getting better, but now it has been replaced with an oven phobia.  For a while there, my husband was cooking slabs of meat in the oven every day, and the juices would drip down and cause smoke.  Then when he'd open the oven to check on the meat, all this smoke would come out and set off the smoke alarms.  The noise scared Midge so bad that now anytime anyone cooks anything in the oven, she goes into panic mode and does figure eights around my legs.  If I have my wits about me, I lock her in her kennel with a sedative, but I'd also like to just train the dogs that anywhere within striking range of my feet is off limits, and if I am walking toward them, they need to move out of the way.  I want them to part like the Red Sea when I approach.

Since my body hasn't been in horseback riding shape as of late, I've been trying to concentrate on my writing.  I had started writing my third suspense novel when my son read my second one and suggested that I rewrite the beginning.  After spending ten years working on it, that was the last thing I wanted to hear.  But then some reviews came in and they echoed his concerns, and fellow blogger and NaNoWriMo buddy achieve1dream gave me some great feedback that offered a starting point on how to revise it, so I've been working on that.  So far, it doesn't look like it is too complicated of a task, and it should be a much better story when I get done.

But I will tell you, I have learned that if I want to socialize or want photography assignments, all I've got to do is start writing or rewriting a novel.  There's something about me hunkering down with my computer that attracts people.  I suddenly start getting photography jobs I wasn't even looking for, my phone becomes a hotbed for my ear, I find unexpected guests on my doorstep, and people come out of the woodwork wanting to get together for this or for that.  I'm not very good at ignoring distractions, and it's difficult for me to maintain a flow when I'm interrupted while writing.  I wish I could just lock myself up in a cabin in the mountains with no phone for a week so that I would be none the wiser about what I am missing, or what opportunities are pulling me in other directions.  I've learned that when I convince myself that I can always work on my novel another day, it could be months before I return to it.

It's only June 2nd, and when I turned the page of the calendar I only had two appointments.  I felt so free seeing those empty squares representing days, and already they are getting filled in by unexpected events, none of which were even on my radar a couple of days ago.  I just hope I am done with this slew of foot injuries so that I can walk to all those appointments.


Brenda said...

I can sympathize, although whenever I get my writing equipment out and someone sees me "scribbling away"they start asking me all sorts of questions. Are you writing a letter? Are you keeping a journal? And when I tell them I'm writing a story their reaction is akin to "Oh, how cute." I'm an anomaly for sure since I write longhand, but their reactions are a bit annoying. They bug me and interrupt my flow then pat me on the head and move on.

I wish I had suggestions about how to keep dogs from getting underfoot, but I have the same problem, except with much larger dogs. At least they're easier to knee out of the way or give them a nudge with my knee. I hope your foot gets better soon. I've been tossed from a horse and I've fallen off one, but I've never been bit or stepped on. Maybe I should come over and let yours do the honors...hahahahaha. kidding, of course. :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Brenda - Your story about writing longhand reminded me of one time when I was waiting to meet some friends in a restaurant, and I sat down at a little table in the entry way and started working on a poem. All these people kept coming into the restaurant and stopping to look over my shoulder to read what I was writing. It was distracting and I was getting annoyed with their nosiness, and then I realized that they thought I was the hostess and I was working on the waiting list. Ha ha!

Mrs Shoes said...

One of our CATS runs in front of me and THROWS himself to the ground right in front of me, rolls onto his back, wanting me to stop & pet him I suppose. If I step over him he just does it again, & again... I think his record is 7/1 throws to belly scratches in between the house & the barn. ;-)

Water Girl said...

Teaching dogs to get out of your way sucks. I can't think of another way to put it, especially with little dogs. We teach our guide dog pups to follow behind us by walking around a relatively empty room and asking them to come to us. Each time the dog starts to move ahead, switch direction or do an about face and ask them to follow. It generally works best in short little sessions, five minutes or less. However, this takes time and to be honest some dogs are just stupid. My current pup picked it up in one session, but I've seen others that just can't seem to get it. (Treats maybe?)
I guess you could use spray bottle too, except then you would have to remember where the bottle was and some dogs figure out pretty quick when you don't have the bottle. Maybe take a broom and swing it in front of you like a metal detector?
That's all I could think of at the moment. I don't know if it's helpful. If all else fails…turn to professor Google. There are some great dog trainers out there that write blogs or have websites with helpful hints.

Brenda said...

That's funny. I've never been mistaken for a hostess before, even when I was one. But often when I go to a restaurant for lunch I almost always have a notebook and pen with me. People have given me strange looks, probably thinking I'm a food critic. And when I was in my teens and would go grocery shopping with my mom I'd usually have a pen and notebook with me. It was quite obvious from the looks on some of the employees' faces they thought I was some kind of inspector. Sometimes I wish I was :p ugh

ellie k said...

I read in the paper today that the FBI was flying low unmarked planes in some states. It did not list the states. This was in the Tampa Tribune todays paper. You might be interested in looking it up. You were saying the other day that some planes were doing that in your area.
I know nothing to do with dogs or a sore foot, just thought you might be interested in the planes.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

ellie - I saw that report on the news and had the same thought. In fact, the plane they were showing looked a lot like the plane that was buzzing me. Somehow, now that there's a chance that the FBI was flying that plane, I feel so much more satisfied in giving the pilot the middle finger.

ellie k said...

I liked your reply.

achieve1dream said...

Haha that is hilarious about the plane!!

Sorry about your foot. Chrome stepped on mine last weekend (first time in years) and it still hurts. It seems like when I injure my foot once it attracts more injuries. I hope it healed up quickly and wasn't fractured.

I'm not sure what to do with multiple small dogs getting in the way. Storm was a drama queen so all it took was stepping on her once and she stayed out of my way. I have heard some people suggest shuffling your feet into the dog while it's laying down. They learn that the shuffling means they are going to get run over and start paying more attention. It seems to work better if you're disturbing them while at rest instead of when they are trying to get in your way. I haven't ever tried it though. Jackal is easy. One of his tricks is walking backwards and his hand signal is me waving my hand so that's all I have to do to get him to move (usually so I can open the freezer lol). When I want him completely out of the way I tell him to go lay down and he goes to his bed. Maybe you could teach them to go to the couch? Yell couch and then throw treats on it? I don't know if they would fight for treats though. If all else fails maybe carry a cane and seeing it in front of you like a blind person?? Lol! Sorry I'm not much help.