Saturday, July 25, 2015

Breaking Ground

What are the horses all riled up about?

A Bobcat passing by the barn.

It didn't surprise me that while the three Arabs were pooping in their pants, the Quarter Horse just kept on eating.  I think adding a Quarter Horse to the herd is the best thing I could have done for them.  Once Lostine, Bombay, and Gabbrielle noticed that Rock couldn't care less, they settled down. 

Breaking ground to make it level for the new tack room. 

Yesterday my husband shored up the Rubbermaid shed and then dragged it out of the way with my truck.  We're probably going to move it over by the round pen...

Leveling a spot by the round pen.

Gabbrielle clinging to Lostine for safety. 

Bombay freaked out, but interested. 

After pushing dirt around behind the hay barn and next to the round pen, my husband drove the Bobcat over by the barn to dig the drainage ditch deeper so that the stalls will stop flooding. 

Bombay claps his lips when he's nervous.

There was a lot of hugging going on. 

"Are you okay with this?"
"Not sure.  Are you okay with this?" 

Lostine wasn't particularly worried or interested, but just seemed to be waiting for the contraption to go away so that she could get back into the barn to finish her breakfast. 

Bombay clapping his lips again.

This is what Rock was doing the majority of the time.  (Note my husband doing a wheelie in the background.) 

Nom nom nom nom.  Mmmmmmm.  Bermuda hay.  Oooooooh, so awesome. 

What the heck is that thing doing now?

In the little time we had left with a four hour rental, I asked my husband to move some sand from the thick end of the paddock, where it's hard to pull the wagon, to the entrance of the barn, so that I can spread more sand in the stalls.

This was the only time Rock ran away.  He photobombed my picture of the other horses running.  He's obviously feeling better after soaking both front hooves in Epsom salts for the past few days.

I'd never seen so much pooping going on.  I had to keep re-positioning myself to try to get all the piles of manure out of the frame of my photos.  I had literally just cleaned all the manure out of the barn and paddock minutes before, and by the time my husband finished working around the horses, there were at least a dozen fresh piles of nervous poop. 

Rock decided he was more interested in the fresh pile of sand than he was worried about the Bobcat.  He walked just a few feet in front of it to return to the barn to finish eating. 

The Arabs trying to sneak back into the barn so that Rock won't get all the goods to himself. 

But they quickly allowed themselves to be chased off.

Run awaaaaaay! 

Okay, this time we are going to make it to the feed troughs. 

Or not.
 (Check out that tight turn.  What arthritis?)

Lostine was beginning to look like her hankering for hay was going to win out over her fear of the Bobcat. 

But the chicken squawking in her ear over her left shoulder won out. 

This is the rental trailer that the Bobcat came on.  It's like a see-saw.  You just have to drive it forward and let the ramp tilt down and crash, and the back it up onto it and let it crash from a ramp to a flatbed. 

I just wanted to show you this as a side note.  A package arrived and all that was in it was a jar of detangler.  Really?  Was a box that large really necessary for such a small item?

I think it's funny that hair detanglers are marketed for little girls.  Big girls get tangled hair too.  As I get older, my hair gets drier, more brittle, and tangles more easily.  The majority of detanglers come in spray bottles, which are useless around here, because the spray dissipates before it even reaches my hair.  I tried using the horses' detangler gels, but they were too thick and heavy, making my hair look greasy and dirty.  So, I found this "pudding" for African hair and decided to give it a try.  If it doesn't work, no big loss.  It only costs a couple of bucks.


GunDiva said...

Silly horses :)

Did you tell them that it was the wrong kind of Bobcat? It sounds scary, but doesn't eat horses like the feline version.

You've got to be excited about the changes going on :)

fernvalley01 said...

looking forward to seeing the new tack room! Silly horses, maybe just looking for a reason to play up

Crystal said...

Well I guess they got their workout this morning. Exciting to get a new tack room.

achieve1dream said...

They are all so cute! I love Bombay's flapping lip. I really hope Chrome is as heavily fleabitten as Bombay. That is so cool!!

I love the Bobcat wheelie picture hehe. Boys and their toys!!

I can't wait to see how the tack room turned out... Off to keep reading!

achieve1dream said...

Oh and Walmart is notorious for doing that with their deliveries. They do that to my mom too lol. I hope the detangler works!