Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Getting into Riding Shape

It usually takes me most of the fall season to get my strength and agility back after hibernating indoors all summer, but I want to be prepared to ride once the temperatures cool down, so I spent fifteen minutes on the elliptical machine and half an hour doing floor exercises.  Ever try to do floor exercises with a Chihuahua bouncing all over you?  I just made the best of the situation by putting him to use as a five-pound weight.

Then I went outside and felt how nice it was with the clouds and wind, so I took Bombay for a fast-walk.  He was hyper and forgetting his manners by crowding me.  I spotted a white plastic grocery bag stuck to a bush and grabbed it.  He kept his distance from me then.  Each time he started veering in toward my space, all I had to do was crinkle the bag and he'd mind his manners.

I spotted another Mylar balloon from that graduation party that took place in the desert in May.  Each time I see it, the balloon is under something or up high or tangled in a bush just out of my reach.  I keep telling myself that I am going to bring the snake grabber stick out with me next time and grab it, but I always forget.  I also spotted this champagne bottle that I'd seen before but couldn't pick up because I had my hands full, so this time I picked it up and brought it home to the trash before someone could break it.

I put Bombay away and saw that someone had kicked Rock in the leg and he had a big gash.  I cleaned it up and then bicycled right back out into the desert with my snake grabber stick.  I thought I could ride a mountain bike and hold the stick at the same time, but I was wrong.  I smashed my leg into the pedal and now I have a bloody gash that matches Rock's on my shin.  Then I tried to brake and bent my fingernail all the way backwards.  Fortunately, no one was out there to hear my screaming curses.  I vowed to cut all of my fingernails down to nubs when I got home.

I tried picking up cholla balls off the bridle trail with the grabber, but they just stuck to it, so I had to golf them off.  I fished the Mylar balloon out of the bush with the grabbers, but not without stepping on a camouflaged portion of a cholla ball and having it stick up through my shoe and sock right into my foot.  It didn't go as deep as the bone, but it still hurt.  Bicycling home was now even harder as I tried to hang onto the balloon and the grabbers while pedaling, steering and braking.  I finally gave up and just walked the bike home before I got into a wreck.

So, after all that, I got quite a workout.  If I keep this up, I should be in shape for horseback riding in no time... if I don't kill myself first.  I owe this sudden surge of energy to the clouds, the wind, and my hair stylist.  She told me, "You'll feel so much better after I cut five inches off your hair."

"Five?  How about three?"

We compromised at four inches, and she was right.  I do feel so much lighter and cooler, and I don't have to waste an hour each day trying to get all the tangles out.  That's an hour I can now spend exercising.

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achieve1dream said...

You're making me want to cut my hair again. It's almost to my waist and so thick and curly that it takes over half an hour just to comb the knots out. I think it's contributing to headaches as well.

I cut all my fingernails off because I'm constantly bending then back! Ouch!!