Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Here's a New One

So, I took the dogs outside at night being very cautious about where I step, because the rattlesnake that got into our garage came by again.  Apparently, our driveway and the dogs' yard are its hunting grounds.  I've met nice rattlesnakes and scared rattlesnakes, but this particular snake freaks me out because it's bold and tricky.  One minute it is right there before your eyes and the next minute it is gone.  We know it couldn't have slithered away that fast, and it always turns out that it coils itself into such a tight ball that it can disappear in a corner or disguise itself as one of the rocks on our driveway.  It also hides around corners, so when we walk out of the garage, we walk directly out the center of the bay door without cutting corners.

So, I was walking the dogs outside keeping an eye out for the rattlesnake when something bit me on  the inside of my right leg just below the knee.  I was startled, but didn't see any animal around.  Then something bit me on the left leg.  These bites didn't feel like fire ant bites.  I thought perhaps another type of ant had crawled up my legs.

I took the dogs back into the house and got bit a third time.  I swatted at the area on my jeans where I felt the bite, and there was a considerable lump there.  I pulled up the leg of my jeans and found what I thought was a sharp leaf.  It crackled like a leaf, but then it hit me that we don't have any trees with leaves that looked like that.  I started pulling it off my leg, and it hopped to the floor.  It was a grasshopper.  If you've ever seen one close up, you know that they have these large jagged mouths, sharp enough to cut leaves while they eat.

I tried to catch the grasshopper before a dog ate it, but all the dogs were so sleepy that none of them paid any attention to it.  It kept evading me, so I just went to bed and figured I would find a dead grasshopper somewhere in the morning.  In the morning, I forgot all about it and went into the laundry room to put on my shoes, and there it was sitting on top of my shoe.  I carried the entire shoe outside and released the grasshopper.  You could tell it had a bad night.

The other weird thing that happened yesterday was that I saw a wild bunny hopping around the space where we keep our trash cans and tools.  I walked right up to it, and it didn't move.  It just bunched itself up against the wall.  I left it alone and came back later, and the bunny was still in the same spot.  I was worried that it was sick or injured, and I decided that if it was still in that same spot by morning, I'd put it in a box and take it to a vet.  Later than night, I checked on the bunny and it was gone, but in its place was a toad that was big enough that it could have eaten that bunny.  It was too weird that two different animals decided to camp out on the exact same spot.


Jen said...

I've never heard that about grasshoppers biting; although I knew that crickets did (both of which are kinda weird to think about :o) Was there an X on that spot, perhaps? *laugh*

Crystal said...

Eww grasshoppers. I hate when they jump and grab onto my fingers, just creeps me right out. Dogs really like grasshoppers (cats too) they chew them of the front of our trucks, its gross.

Cheryl Ann said...

Very strange indeed...shapeshifters?

ellie k said...

I think I would have coming out of my clothes if something bit me and I knew there was a snake near by. We have a nice black snake in our yard, it is almost tame, when I mow it will come out and lay where i have mowed, it has come to the french door and held its head up to look in. I think it started out as someones pet. I saw my husband sitting on the ground weeding and the snake was behind him just laying there.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

ellie - That's fascinating. Your snake seems to like people.