Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fruitless Efforts

It's a cloudy day despite being in the triple digits.  I decided to take advantage of the cloud cover and take some horses out on the trails for a little quality time.  It seems all I've been doing lately is correcting them for bad behaviors, and they are behaving badly because they are bored out of their gourds being stuck in the shade of the barn all summer.

No sooner did I have that thought and made a move toward the closet to grab some boots, and someone came to the door.  Really?  I dealt with that, made another attempt to get my boots on, and the dogs began pestering me because they needed to go outside.  I took care of that, but Midge saw the storm brewing and required some anti-anxiety medication and a brief respite in her kennel.  Then I needed to go to the bathroom.  On and on it went.

By the time I finally got Lostine out into the desert, we immediately came upon yet another Mylar balloon caught on a bush on the side of the bridle trail.  I grabbed it.  This one was a Happy Birthday balloon instead of a Congratulations for graduating balloon.  I also found a couple of fresh beer cans right away, another plastic grocery bag whipping in the wind, and an assortment of other trash.  (I cannot wait for school to start next week so that the teenagers will stop partying in the desert and leaving their trash behind.)  I hadn't even gotten off the trail head and my arms were so full of trash that I had to turn around and go back home.

Lostine was a great sport.  She wasn't bothered by the balloon or the plastic bag, and she walked up the concrete driveway to let me dump everything in the recycling bin.  By then the boots I had on were rubbing the side of my foot raw, so I put Lostine away in order to change into another pair of boots.  I walked into the house to find that the audio on the TV, which I left on to keep Midge from hearing distant thunder, was now screeching static.  I had to fix the TV, and then put on different boots and head back out to get a horse.

By the time I got back to the barn I was limping.  The first pair of boots had done too much damage to my foot.  I needed orthopedic shoes.  I looked up in the sky and saw that it was raining nearby and decided to just give up and go eat lunch.

After lunch I went out in my orthopedic shoes to get a horse, and the second I stepped into the barn with a halter, it started raining.  Really?  I decided to clean up manure and hope that the rain stopped by the time I was done.  While pulling the wagon up the barn aisle, it got stuck on something.  I turned around to see Bombay standing on three legs with a manure fork stuck under his belly and between his hind legs.

He was just standing there with one hind leg sticking out to the side saying, "Ummm, Mom.  Could you please remove this fork from my crotch?"

Absolutely hilarious.

It was still raining, so I'll try again later, but it doesn't look like things are going to go my way today.

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achieve1dream said...

LOL!!! Bombay is such a sweetheart!!