Sunday, August 23, 2015

Not Much

What's been going on?  Not much.  I'm always looking for stories to tell on my blog, but not a whole lot has been happening beyond hunkering down to stay out of the heat and humidity.  All of the hardware for the new tack room has arrived, but it's like an oven in there right now, so me thinks I will wait a few weeks before attempting to install anything.

Since Stewie is incapable of heeling on a leash, but pulls ahead of me, I always watch his behavior as we walk out of the garage to see if there are any wild animals around.  If he charges at something, I pull him back, assuming it is a rattlesnake or coyote.  So, the other morning he strained to get to something and I came around the corner to see a black racer snake drinking out of the drip underneath our orange tree.  It slithered off super fast, like its name implies, and disappeared into a bush.  Those snakes are really cool.  I don't see them often.

Scrappy's tumor is doing well now that we keep him dressed so that he can't lick and chew it.  The vet is having me wean him off Prednisone to see if it gets worse without it.  Scrappy has good days and bad days, because the steroids affect his energy and appetite.  He does better with the drugs.

Lostine is still standing around in poop every chance she gets.  I started lining the perimeter of the barn and fence with manure to try to dam up the flood waters so that the horses don't have to spend so many days standing around in mud after a rain storm, but now they enjoy standing in manure, which isn't much better.

Maybe before next summer I'll order another truck load of sand and buy a bunch of bags to make sand bags to line the barn and paddock.

I've been treating both Lostine and Rock for thrush.  My horses never got thrush when we lived in Nevada, but it's like an epidemic here in Arizona during monsoon season.

This is how the horses pass the time in the shade.

Rock creeping up on me.  He's such a stalker.  I think his stalking behavior is hilarious.  I remember pointing it out to my female farrier and she said, "Oh, I just hate that about geldings.  It's so creepy.  That's why I like mares better."

I was like, "How can you not think that is funny?"

I suppose if a horse was always sneaking up on you and biting you, it wouldn't be funny, but Rock just follows me around like a puppy in love.  Sometimes he'll rest his nose on my shoulder or rub my back.  He was a major biter when we first got him, but now I can kiss him on the muzzle and he is trustworthy to be gentle.

I was kind of worried about Rock a few days ago, because he was acting out of character, being overly reactionary to the point of being dangerous.  I was letting the horses in and out of their stalls while the farrier was here, and they were all good about walking straight into the stall by themselves where the farrier was waiting for them.  Nobody attempted to avoid his/her pedicure.

However, Rock stopped in the middle of the barn aisle.  I clucked and raised the halter and lead rope toward his hip to encourage him forward, and he leaped right over the wagon, kicking out as he went, and running up to the farrier.  We were both quite shocked with how fast it all happened.  I said, "Well, that was unexpected."

Then over the next couple of days, each time I tried to approach him to pet him, he turned away from me or raised his head as high as it would go so that I couldn't reach his face.  I knew that I hadn't done anything to hurt him, yet he was acting like I had been physically abusing him.  I finally realized the problem was that Gabbrielle had been attacking him while he was lame from the hoof abscess.  He had scars from bite marks and kick marks all over him.

So, I had a talk with Gabbrielle and told her she'd be living in the round pen by herself if she kept up that behavior, and she has since settled down...  probably more due to hormonal fluctuations than my urging.  Anyway, since then, I have spent some time just petting Rock and getting him to trust me.  Now he's my sweet, slow moving sloth again, begging for more hugs and kisses.


Cheryl Ann said...

Rock sounds like Quad. Quad was all over me yesterday, nuzzling me, sniffing my hair. I honestly could have led him out to the arena with a string. He was very clingy. But, once he got in the arena, he went running off, bucking and farting! Then he rolled and rolled and rolled.
Cheryl Ann

achieve1dream said...

That's what I love about geldings!! I'm glad you figured out what had Rock so touchy. Mares! ;)