Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Scared the Sheet Out of Me

So, here I was working on a project with the TV on when I heard a strange noise.  The dog was twitching in his sleep, so I figured he was having a nightmare, but the noise grew louder and more persistent.  I finally recognized it as the sound of one of these birds that always squawks relentlessly when there is a snake around.  I opened the front door and saw the bird fly out of the hedge.  I began slowly sneaking up on the spot in the hedge to see what kind of snake it might be...

...stupidly not looking where I was walking.  This huge bull snake was right under my feet on the porch.  I almost stepped on it, and screamed while running backwards, crashing into a patio chair.  Of course, in that instant I didn't know it was a non-venomous snake.  I just caught it out of the corner of my eye.  I ran to get my camera, but was shaking so badly that half the photos came out blurry and had to be deleted.

The funny thing was that the snake went over to investigate my fake rubber rattlesnake and my fake plastic tarantula that I leave on the front porch to ward off salespeople and religious groups.  I asked it to stay a while, because I figured a live snake would be more effective, but once it knew the animals were not real, it headed into the hedge to get whatever the bird had been trying to protect... most likely eggs.

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achieve1dream said...

Yikes!!! That would have scared me too!! I hope you weren't hurt crashing into the chair.