Tuesday, August 11, 2015

There's No Place Like Home

So, this morning I checked the weather map, and the forecasted storm was way down in southern Arizona.  I figured it would take a few hours to reach us.  When I lived at the base of the Sierra Nevada, storms could sit just miles away from us for days before they hit us.  Just half an hour later I looked outside and saw it getting dark in a hurry, so I ran out to finish my chores.

While I was out there, I was getting pelted by debris as gusts of wind blew my equipment all over the place.  I fought to tie down the tarp over the hay, and the wind just kept breaking it loose again.  So, I threw a cinder block and wheelbarrow on top of the tarp.  I ran in the house to get the keys to lock the horse trailer and tack room doors so that the wind couldn't blow them open and break them.

On the way in, I heard a horrible banging noise on the porch and looked around for the cause.  A tree limb was in the process of breaking tiles off the roof.  I ran indoor to go look for some tool I could cut the tree limb with and found Midge tearing up the house.  I shoved an anti-anxiety pill down her throat and locked her in her kennel.  I grabbed the keys and ran back outside to lock all the doors, and then ran into the garage to look for a tool.  I saw our stuff go blowing past the garage bay opening and ran out onto the driveway to collect all of it and bring it into the garage, and then shut the bay door.

I found a pair of pruning shears, knowing I really needed a chainsaw for this job, but hoping I could get enough of the problem taken care of with the shears.  I stood on a chair to prune the Jacaranda tree and found that the shears were amazingly sharp.  They cut the smaller limbs like butter, but I still needed to cut a really thick limb, and couldn't wrap the shear blades around it.  So, I started sawing it with one edge of the blade.

In the meantime, the wind was trying to blow me off the chair and over the porch railing into what I call "the rattlesnake pit" because we've found so many rattlesnakes there.  At one point, I sawed deep enough cuts that I could fit each edge of the shears in the cuts and start squeezing the handles together as hard as I could, when a big gust of wind came up, blew the tree away from me, and I got pulled right up off my feet off the chair.  I let go of the shears and regained landed back down on the chair, waited for the wind to slow down and started wrestling with the branch again.  I finally cut it.

The netting over the dog's kennel that was put up for shade and to keep birds of prey out got shredded.  Things are finally starting to settle down outside.  It's amazing how quickly a short blast of wind can destroy so much.

Apparently, the wind embedded a bunch of little thorns in my clothes and skin, so now I need to take a shower.


Crystal said...

I hate storms like that. Move in so quick and then just gone leaving a huge mess behind.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

No kidding. I just went over to my neighbor's place to clean up the mess the storm left behind over there since I'm officially their property manager now. I was uprighting a metal statue of a palm tree and this three-foot long metal palm frond came crashing down and hit me on the top of the head. Now I've got a mild concussion and am having problems seeing out of my right eye. Just what I needed. For now on, any metal statue that gets blown over is staying blown over. I'm not going to risk injuring myself again.

ellie k said...

Did you get any rain from all that storm? we have had about 21 inches of rain in the past month, water standing in every low place. we did need it and when the mid August heat hits we will need the moisture.

On a sad note for me we found out today my husband has camcer through most of his body. they are going to do radiation and chemo, the doctor said if that does not slow it down he has only months to live. he has lost almost 50 lbs in two months. You are a good friend to let me pour my troubles on top of yours. we have not told our kids or anyone so I turned to you. Thanks Ellie

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ellie - We got a few sprinkles, but mostly just the outrageous wind. Other locations nearby got flooded.

What is going on with your husband sounds identical to what went on with my father. He never got any radiation or chemo, though. The doctors just put him in a nursing home. I hope they can slow it down. Do you plan to tell your kids at some point? I'm sorry both of you have to go through this.

ellie k said...

We want to get all the facts before we tell anyone, that is why I told you, I needed to tell someone that was not family. After he sees the chemo doctor and get the whole picture we will tell the kids, our daughter lives here near us, our son lives and works in Dubai. His boss told him he can have two months paid leave if he needs to come home. Ron(husband) started a new pain med this morning and it knocked the pain completely out but made him very sleepy, rest will do him good. The dr said sometimes the chemo goes in the vains and just stops things for a while, maybe that will be Gods plan for Ron. Thanks for listening to me, if it gets too much just tell me.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ellie - That pain medication must be a blessing. That's the first time anyone has ever told me that a pain med knocks the pain completely out. Sure would be nice if pharmaceuticals could get to the point where they do that without the drowsiness.