Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Special Day

I had a special birthday this year.  My husband took off two days from work in addition to his three day weekend, and pampered me over a period of several days by taking me out to eat in restaurants and making meals for me himself.  On the day of my birthday he did all the dog and horse chores so that I could sleep in.  I didn't know what to do with myself during all that free time.

He also bought me a foot massage and professional pedicure -- the first I've ever experienced...

He even baked me some brownies.  He gave me two new memory cards for my camera and a FlipBelt that blogger achieve1dream had posted about.  It's basically this stretchy tube you wear around your waist that has pockets for keys, money, credit cards, I.D., and mobile phones.  I can wear it while hiking, jogging, bicycling, and horseback riding.

For some reason, I stopped listening to music years ago.  Growing up in the 70's, I had the privilege to experience some of the greatest rock, pop, and R&B tunes in history, and by the time we got into the 1990's I disliked everything that was on the air.  My recent subscription to Amazon Prime Music has helped me find some current recording artists that I do like.  I decided to see if I could get my mobile phone set up to play Prime Music.  I had to download a couple of applications, and then my husband gave me some earbuds he wasn't using, and I was amazed at how clear the digital music sounded through the earbuds.

I was so excited to hear music of my choice again that I wore the FlipBelt down to the barn carrying my mobile phone and earbuds.  It's so much easier to shovel manure to music.  I wondered what would happen if someone called while I was listening to the music, and my son ended up calling me right then.  The music cut out and I heard a ringing in my ears.  I was able to answer, and then when I hung up, the music continued from the same note where it left off.  I was amazed.  I figured it had been playing in the background the entire time I was on the phone, but phones are smarter than that nowadays.  So, now I have a "new" toy that was really right under my nose all this time.  I think I may have to get cordless earbuds for horseback riding, though.  The cord kept getting caught on things and the buds were ripped out of my ears.

My son called to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me to check my email.  He sent me a gift certificate to an online store that sells luxury bath products.  I need nice smelling bath bombs to help me work out all the aches and kinks in my muscles.

All the pampering and free time re-energized me.  For once in a long time, I didn't feel depleted or in pain, and the weather was perfect with clouds and wind, so I was able to go trail riding...

Riding Rock turned out to be quite a workout for my muscles.  He was a wee bit barn sour after standing around all summer, so I had to use all of my lower body muscles to keep him moving on the way out, and then had to use all of my upper body muscles to slow him down on the way home...

He let me know his displeasure by repeatedly whipping me with his tail.  Fortunately, that's the worst behavior he's got.  I've never seen him buck or rear.  It takes a lot to get this horse frustrated.

After getting home and resting up a bit, I regained some of my energy and took Lostine for a walk down to the elementary school.  There was a lot of activity going on around us, but she was only interested in grazing.  One of the things I like about kids who live in rural Arizona is that none of them get excited about seeing horses.  Horses are as common as lizards around here.

I've been looking forward to my birthday for the past couple of weeks because it looked like it was the turning point in the temperatures for us.  The night time temperatures should be getting below 75 degrees, which gives me a better chance to ride in the mornings.  The days are still hot, but we are less likely to get above 100 degrees now.  It's amazing how much more energy and patience I have once it cools down.

I don't know why, but this was the worst summer yet for me since I moved to the desert.  I remember the summer of 2012 stunned me because it seemed to last forever.  The summer of 2013 felt hotter, but didn't seem to last as long.  This summer felt like it was the hottest and longest yet.  I know it set a record for the second hottest summer on record.  I'm hoping this isn't a trend, because we may have to move again if that is the case.  It's hard being cooped up indoors for four or five months straight due to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

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achieve1dream said...

Happy birthday!!!! It sounds like it was perfect. :D I love the nail polish you picked out!

I just downloaded the Amazon Prime music app today hehe. I'm so glad you like your FlipBelt. I love mine!! For your earbuds you can put them behind your back and up to your ears so it's not hanging in front of you. If the cord is too long you can coil up part of it and put a twist tie on it. I'm so glad you're enjoying your music. It definitely makes chores more fun!

Silly Rock. They make us work hard for our fun lol. His tail must be SO LONG to hit you in the saddle!!!! Wow! When I gave Chrome a bath recently his slapped me with his wet tail when I walked behind him and I just cracked up. I was soaking him in cold water, it was only fair for him to get revenge haha!