Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bit By The But First Syndrome and Scattered Clouds

Each time I went outside, there was a nice cloud cover and breeze.  I thought, "I could ride a horse in these conditions."

But there were dark thunder clouds looming on the horizon, so I checked the weather forecast first.  It was hit or miss.  We could either get poured on or get nothing because the clouds were scattered.  I watched them for a while and they seemed to be breaking up by the time they got over my house.  I decided to ride a horse and hope for the best.

I marched outside in my riding gear and noticed that all of the horses were being driven crazy by flies.  The flies are always at their worst after a rainstorm, and it rained all night.  So, I was going to ride, but first I had to spray all the horses down with fly spray and put on their fly masks.  They were very appreciative -- all except for Rock who hates it when I rub fly spray on his face.  I had to halter him and tie him to the trailer to finish that process.

While Rock was there, I noticed he had a new chunk of skin taken out by his hip, caused by Gabbrielle chasing him out of stalls.  I treated that and made sure there was fly repellent around the wound.  I thought, "Well, since I've got him here, I may as well ride him."

I walked around to the side that had his mane hanging and ran my fingers through his hair, but my fingers got caught in a bad tangle.  I grabbed the detangler and a comb and worked it through his mane.  Since I was combing his mane, I may as well brush out his tail too.  While brushing his tail, I got stabbed by something sharp.  He had a big burr nestled in there.  I got that out and then remembered that he was due for a thrush treatment.

I returned to the tack room to get the supplies, picked out his hooves, and painted thrush treatment all over the bottoms of them.  The sun came out from behind the clouds and by the time I was done with Rock's hooves, I was dripping with sweat and sore all over.  I no longer felt like going for a trail ride.

I put Rock away, and the sun went away too.  A nice breeze kicked up and I was re-energized, so I haltered Lostine to complete her thrush treatment.  I figured I may as well groom the rest of her while I was at it.  But as soon as I had the thought that I could ride her out on the trails, the sun came out and robbed me of all my energy.  So, I put Lostine away with the intention of going into the air conditioned house to guzzle a gallon of ice water.

But then the sun went behind a cloud and another breeze kicked up.  I realized that I had only been treating Rock and Lostine for thrush, because that's who my farrier said needed it.  However, I have an appointment with my farrier soon, so I know it has been a few weeks since I last saw him.  Bombay and Gabbrielle could have picked up some thrush in the meantime, and they have been standing around in mud since the rainfall last night.

I haltered Bombay, tied him and went through the process of cleaning and treating his hooves.  It was a good thing, because he had a bad case of thrush in a couple of hooves.  Hopefully, treating it will prevent an abscess.  Part of the reason why my horses go lame so often is because Gabbrielle keeps kicking them, but the other part is because they get thrush that leads to hoof abscesses.

Well, you know I couldn't stop at three horses, so I gave Gabbrielle a thrush treatment as well.  I thought, "If this shade and breeze stays with me, I'm going to ride her out."

I finished with her last hoof, set it down, but couldn't stand upright.  I blew out my back.  Then the sun came out and I was walking around with a hunched back dripping sweat all over the ground.  I told myself to just feel good that I groomed and treated all four horses for thrush in one day.  That's a huge accomplishment, and it's more important than riding.  Yup.  I'll just keep telling myself that.

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achieve1dream said...

Awww it is true! You did a really good thing for them. I'm glad you caught the thrush in Bombay before he abscessed. My donkey has an abscess. :( It's sad watching him limp around and not be able to do anything for him. My back hurts after treating one horse so I'm not surprised you were hurting when you finished four. I hate bad backs. So annoying! It runs in my family and I thought for a long time I was going to squeak by without it, but with this stupid job having to unload two tons of feed off a truck all by myself I've been having back pain more and more. Depressing....

Oops, sorry for complaining. Just letting you know you aren't alone. Hugs!