Monday, September 28, 2015

Figuring Things Out

We've got another week of triple digit temperatures.  I'm trying to use it to get myself into better physical shape and to slowly acclimate the horses to the idea of being ridden again.  I keep getting into these cycles where I have one day where I feel great, so I work out too much, and then I'm sore, stiff, and immobile the following day.  I'm trying to figure out how much exercise it takes for me to be non-functioning in the morning, and then I work out less than that amount so that I can still live my life.

I haven't figured out where that turning point is yet.

I still have a limited amount of gas in my tank on super hot days, so I keep my outdoor activities down to a minimum.  I know there's no point in saddling a horse because by the time I'm done, I'm out of gas before I've even mounted, so today I took Gabbrielle for a walk on the trails.  I've gotten into the habit of always going to the south, so this time I went north.  Every trail we hit was covered in large rocks.  Some trails had practically disappeared either from being washed out or from being overgrown.

Gabbrielle was cracking me up, because she kept backing into bushes and rubbing her butt on the branches.  I have been worming her regularly, so she's probably got mosquito bites.  She was super relaxed on our walk.  I only had to pull back on her once when she got excited because she thought she saw something and she started rushing toward it.

We didn't get very far before I regretted not bringing water with us and turned around to go back.  I bought a fanny pack with water bottles on both sides this summer.  I need to remember to bring that with me when I hike, even if I think it's not that hot or I'm not going that far.  I did remember to bring my earbuds and listen to music with my mobile phone, though.  I kept the volume turned down enough so that I could hear the rhythm of Gabbrielle's hoof beats and could hear a rattlesnake should we come across one.

I was rather disturbed to find a hypodermic needle just through the gate to the trails across the street from my house.  At first I thought it was one of Midge's needles, and it had flown out of the back of the trash truck, but then I realized that was a stretch, because we put her needles in a closed bag, and a needle could not have flown that far from the road.  This one turned out to be much larger than the ones we use for Midge.

The only type of person I know of who would just dump a needle in the desert would be a junkie.  I had just gone bicycling that way on Saturday, so the needle showed up Sunday or Monday morning.  I know that none of my current neighbors use that trail.  I wondered if the discarded needle was tied to the trespasser I heard in my back yard last night.

I've been finding broken beer bottles on the trail just across the street from my house, but I never hear cars pull up or people partying out there at night, and never see anything during the day.  I know there have been a few nights where Stewie growled and sniffed at the front door.  I think next time he does that, I'm going out with a flashlight to see who is out there and tell them to move along or I will call the police.

One of my biggest fears when I see homeless people in the desert is that they will discover my horse trailer and tack room, and start camping out in there at night.  Now that it appears as if some undesirable person or people have been frequenting my place, I may have to just take the keys out with me each evening and lock everything up, and then unlock everything in the morning.  It'll be a pain in the butt, and I'm sure I will keep forgetting the keys, but it's better than finding that all of my tack has been replaced with hypodermic needles and broken beer bottles.

A home buyer who recently viewed my neighbor's house complained about the garbage in the wash and on the hill, so I hiked out there to see what he was talking about.  In the process, I found bicycle tire tracks coming down the hill into my back yard.  Two bicyclists have been riding around in the arroyo without my permission.  I also found fresh ATV tracks in my neighbor's back yard on the hill.  The driver destroyed the plant life and made quite a permanent path there, like he'd been using it frequently.  I can't figure out when, because I've never seen nor heard anyone riding there.

However, when some surveyors marked off my neighbor's property lines to subdivide, some man with an ATV stopped to talk to them, and the three of them hiked right down the hill into my back yard and stood there pointing at my house, which pissed me off.  Just when I was about to go out there to tell them to stay where their work assignment is located, they drove off.  I think in the future if I see anyone at all with an ATV, I'm going to stop him and ask if he's the one who has been destroying my neighbor's back yard and dumping his used tires there.  Hopefully the guy will stop coming around because he'll realize that people are aware of his activities.


achieve1dream said...

People are so annoying!!!! Why do they have to be such inconsiderate jerks?? Ugh!

Itchy tails can mean she needs her udder cleaned (but she had a bath recently...) or with geldings it can mean their sheath needs cleaned. When they started rubbing their tails here quite frequently it's the ticks! Ticks are awful here!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Interesting that you brought this up. Tonight I noticed that Bombay's sheath was all swollen. I skipped having his sheath cleaned this year because the vets always tell me there wasn't much to clean. I haven't really thought about the mares' udders. I've never cleaned them beyond spraying their undersides with water. I'll pay closer attention to that. I just figured that mosquitoes have been biting their tail bones.