Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Stumble Muffin

I rode Lostine on the trails today and took some wonderful pictures, but you'll have to just trust me on that claim, because my GoPro battery died before I actually mounted her.  That's pretty typical.  I focused so much on getting the batteries charged for my professional camera this week that I spaced charging batteries for the other two cameras I use more often.

Here's my best shot.  I'm untangling her mane after lunging her.  She spooked all the way around the pen, and I waited it out.  When she finally decided that she was too wise to act that silly, I mounted.  Of course, her reactive side hadn't completely taken a nap, so she had to move away from the mounting block as soon as I set foot on it.  I backed her for a long, long time and spun her in tight turns.  Then she didn't move a muscle at the mounting block after that.

The ride consisted of a lot of stumbling.  At one point she randomly came to an abrupt halt to itch her leg with her teeth.  That put her off balance with me in the saddle and her bent front leg collapsed and she fell on her face.  I said, "Don't do that again, please."

Of course, she did it again.

The first ride when I haven't ridden her in a while is all about convincing her that I'm in charge.  Each time she decided to stop, I made her go.  Each time she started to trot, I made her walk.  Each time she turned right, I turned her left.  On and on it went until she stopped trying to make decisions and waited for a cue from me.

I had her confused by going in circles.  We didn't take any of the scenic routes because I was too busy doing the opposite of what she wanted, and then when she became more agreeable, I rewarded her by letting her do what she originally wanted.

She had to get in the last word, though, by stopping to poop on the driveway that my husband had just weeded and raked the day before.  I kicked and kicked and said no repeatedly, but she just put her ears forward and pooped like it was the most enjoyable act of revenge she's had in years.

I was thoroughly embarrassed with my dismount.  I was too weak to lift my thigh high enough to swing over the cantle and my leg got stuck.  I had my left foot in the stirrup, but was trying to keep my weight over the center of the saddle until I could get myself untangled.  I ended up dragging my lower leg over her rump and picking up my thigh with my hand until it cleared the saddle.  I felt so pathetic.  That's what happens when you are stuck indoors all summer.  Your muscles atrophy.

While I combed out her mane, I told Lostine all about the Big Brother TV show, and said that I hope Johnny Mac wins it.  She seemed very interested.

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achieve1dream said...

They are good listeners hehe. :D

I'm glad you still get to ride her. It's not many horses you can still ride at 27 years old. She's a good girl!