Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Two in a Day

After taking Gabbrielle for a hike yesterday morning, the clouds blocked the sun on and off in the late afternoon, so I was able to take Bombay for a hike as well.  He was just as good as Gabbrielle.  I didn't get a spook out of either of them, nor did they pull ahead and try to drag me home.  Bombay was a gentleman, and stopped to let me go first through tight passes.  I love it when my horses treat me like a queen.

I found a bunch newspaper sections blown up against a bush next to a trail, and stopped to pick them up to take to the trash.  Bombay snorted and looked horrified, but didn't try to pull back or run.  I wadded up each newspaper section until I had a ball about the size of two basketballs.  It came in handy when I needed to flick cholla balls off the trail.  When we got home I wanted Bombay to walk up the concrete driveway next to the weight lifting equipment so that I could put the newspaper in my recycling bin.  He hesitated and sniffed the change in ground, decided it would hold him up, and walked with me.  He nervously looked at the stuff beside us, but didn't panic.

I noticed that near where I found the hypodermic needle, there was a liter bottle of soda under a tree, only the soda was not the correct color for soda.  I suspect that this junkie who I suspect had been camping in front of my house mixed hard liquor in with soda and sat under the tree drinking it.  He left it there to return to it later.

So, each time I took the dogs outside at night, I shined a flashlight into the trail head to see if I could catch a glimpse of someone over there.  All I found was a huge, disgusting spider on the side of my house that looked like a relative of the black widow, but was lighter in color.  I sprayed it with poison because I didn't want it dropping on my head each time I had to stand under its web to shine the flashlight on the trail head.

I did learn that I need a more powerful flashlight, so hopefully I'll find one at the hardware store today.  I locked up the trailer and the tack room, only to discover that the lock on our brand new tack room didn't work well.  It stopped the handle from moving, but all you had to do was pull on the handle and the door would open.  I got frustrated with that.  You pay people money to solve a problem for you, and all they do is create new problems.  I just want things to work.

Then, just as I expected, I forgot to take the keys with me down to the barn to unlock everything.  Then I remembered that I could just pull the door to the tack room open to get to the horses' grain.  I fed the horses, shut the door, and then started having trouble with the wagon.  I needed to get back into the tack room to get the supplies I needed to repair the wagon, and wouldn't you know it -- I couldn't get the door open.  I guess the trick is to lock the handle first, then close the door.

So, I made due with some tools I had lying around and fixed the wagon without getting into the tack room.  Looks like I'll have to find a hide-a-key contraption while I'm at the hardware store, because I suspect it will take me several months to train myself to remember to carry the keys from the house to the barn every time I go outside.

It looks like I might get new neighbors soon.  I've opened up the house for one showing, the people came back several times to do drive bys, and now I'm opening up the house a second time for them.  I knew this was going to happen.  After not being able to ride all summer because of the heat, people are going to have a bunch of moving vans next door.  If they bring livestock, my horses are going to be all jacked up in excitement.  The one thing I'm really annoyed about is that the people own four dogs, two of which are Rottweilers.  The previous owners owned eight dogs, two of which were Rottweilers, and those dogs drove me crazy with their barking.  I hope to God these new neighbors have control of their dogs.  The silence I have had over the past year has been heavenly.

I also hope that these people don't just keep coming back asking to the see the house a million times, because I've got places to go and things to do.  I'm getting paid to unlock and lock the house, but I don't like getting last minute calls that force me to change my plans.  If it actually cools down next week like the forecast claims (and has been claiming for a while), I'd rather be out riding horses than playing the role of a door woman.

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achieve1dream said...

You should have put ex-lax in that bottle lol.

I hope the new neighbors are nice and have polite, quiet dogs!!