Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Weak Escape Attempt

After my wonderful, uneventful ride on Rock yesterday, P.S. came by to play today.  We were leaving things open.  I asked her if she was set on going for a trail ride or if she just wanted to ride in the arena since it was so hot.  She was willing to do whatever I wanted.  I said that neither Bombay nor Gabbrielle had been ridden in a while, so we saddled them up with plans to see how much of their groundwork they remember before hopping on.

I left Bombay tied to the horse trailer while I went in the house to get ice water and a few other items.  P.S. was in the round pen with Gabbrielle and when she saw me come out of the house, she yelled, "Where's Bombay?"

I immediately understood that she was saying that he was no longer tied to the trailer.  I sighed in defeat.  We were already getting off to a really bad start.

It turned out that he had untied himself and wandered off to eat hay out of the wheelbarrow, so he didn't get far.  P.S. was laughing because she saw his butt disappear around the corner of the trailer, but she thought I had returned and was leading him into the arena.  Then when she saw me come out of the house, she realized there was a problem.

Standing tied has never been a problem for any of my horses, so this new development was discouraging.  I took Bombay into the arena and attempted to do groundwork with a lead rope and stick, but Bombay clearly did not understand anything I was asking of him.  He had been on vacation way too long.  I broke everything down into baby steps until he started doing a few things right, and then I quit on a good note.

I tied him to the trailer again and walked off, keeping my eye on him.  He was trying to be sneaky about untying himself, but wouldn't dare do it while I was watching.  I alternated between watching him being deceitful and watching Gabbrielle work up a sweat in her hyperness while spooking at stupid things that never bothered her before.

I walked up to Bombay and he pumped himself up super tall and started snorting.  I was pouring sweat.  I just shook my head and said, "Well, I'm not riding this horse today."

He needed to go back to square one in his training.  Riding him would have been like hopping on a fresh, green horse, despite all of his past training.  P.S. didn't have any desire to ride Gabbrielle with the way she was acting either, so we just led the horses out into the desert to go for a walk and talk a bit.

We ran into another Mylar balloon caught in a bush left over from a high school graduation party.  I pulled it out of the bush and Bombay jumped back and snorted.  Gabbrielle did not like me carrying that silver wad in my hand behind her, because she kept hearing it crinkling.  I didn't want her plowing P.S. down in an attempt to get away from the shiny crinkling ball, so I walked in front of her.  We stopped and encouraged the horses to sniff it.

I wish the day didn't turn out to be so hot.  We could've made more progress had we actually felt good and had some energy.  But at least both horses got saddled, lunged, walked, and hosed down.  It's just too bad that they need so much work.  I'm probably going to get a trainer out here to speed things up, because I can't sell horses that are too fresh and nervous to be ridden.

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achieve1dream said...

I can't help giggling at the untying thing. Chrome does that too if I'm not careful how I tie it. :) Silly boys.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed you get some cooler weather so you can work with them some.