Friday, October 30, 2015

Bombay Got a Test Ride

A gal had contacted me last weekend about Bombay being up for sale, but I was out of town and couldn't call her like she asked, so I emailed her back asking when a good time would be to call her during the work week.  It turned out that she rarely checked her email, so she responded at the end of the week asking me to call before 10 AM the next morning.  But I didn't check my email until after 10 AM, so I called her in the afternoon when she said she would also be home.

We arranged for her to come by that afternoon to meet Bombay and see if they click.  She said she has to feel a connection with a horse, or she won't consider buying it.  It's been rainy and muddy here, so I felt like giving him a bath would be in vain since he'd probably just roll in the mud as soon as I cut him loose, so I just brushed him off before she arrived.

I didn't do anything to prepare for her visit other than clean up some manure, brush and apply fly spray to the horses.  When we approached the gate, Bombay ran right up to greet her.  She walked in and gave him a lot of pets and hugs, which he loved.  Gabbrielle came over and started horning in, trying to chase Bombay off so that the nice lady would pay attention to her.

I put a halter on him, and she led him around a bit and liked how he stayed on a loose lead.  Then she saddled him and let the stirrups flap against his sides, which he didn't mind one bit.  She was testing him to see if he'd jump.  I had her sign a liability release and put on a helmet.  I could tell she wasn't keen on wearing a helmet, but she said, "Your barn; your rules."

I was expecting her to ask me to ride him first, but she hopped right on.  He walked off from the mount, which I didn't like.  He doesn't usually do that, but I think he was nervous, not knowing this new person.  She rode him at the walk, jog and posting trot.  She was a good rider.  She did have to pull back on both reins when he walked off and wasn't halting right away, and I meant to tell her she would get a better result pulling on one rein and sitting deep, but I got distracted and forgot.

She was impressed with his responsiveness, pep, and confidence.  He slipped a couple of times on the mud, but kept himself under her so that they didn't fall.  She rode him over to me and stopped him to see how well he would do at holding still while we talked.  Of course, he stood still like a pro.  I could see that she was very experienced with horses, a confident rider, and knew how to handle less well behaved horses than Bombay.

She removed his tack and put him away.  When she first arrived, she was trying to get him to join up with her, but he didn't want to walk away from the barn because it was close to feeding time.  However, after she rode him, he did join up with her and follow her out of the barn into the paddock.  That made her very happy.

She said she really liked him, but needed to think things through because she just moved here from the midwest and signed a year-long lease for an apartment, so she'd have to board a horse until she could move into horse property.  I told her to take her time, and I'd call her to let her know if I get any offers on him.  She said a lot of people will balk at his price, and I understand what she's saying, because any horse his age shouldn't be as much as I'm asking for him, but he's definitely worth it.  He's been well-cared for his entire life, he's in great health, he's had a ton of training, and he's got a personality that is next to none.

Plus, I don't really want to sell him.  I want to sell Gabbrielle.  So, I need some time to wrap my head around letting go of Bombay.  This lady lives on the other side of our metropolis, so it's a long drive for her to get here, but I offered to board him until summer if need be.


achieve1dream said...

Aww it sounds like he was on his best behavior for her.... I can't decide if I'm sad that she liked him or glad lol. Selling horses is so hard! Fingers crossed it works out the best for everyone.

Tina said...

I'm glad he was good for her but I don't like her comment about his price. If she thinks people will balk at his price then they aren't the right people for Bombay. I hope Gabbrielle sells first so that you don't sell Bombay.