Wednesday, October 14, 2015

First Inquiry

Last night I was thinking about making my blog public again since I have not received any responses for Gabbrielle and Bombay's sale ads.  Then I got my first inquiry.  Surprisingly, it was for Bombay.  With him being 17, I expected everyone to consider him to be too old to buy.  What was weird was the the lady just wanted to know who his sire and dam were.  I would expect that question about Gabbrielle if someone were interested in breeding or showing her, but why someone wanted to know the names of the sire and dam of a 17 year old gelding who is a trail horse, I don't know.

I wondered if the person was just being nosy and trying to find out who I am through his pedigree, but she would have to be subscriber to the AHA to get any information, and I don't they would give out my address and phone number, because I never updated them when I moved.

The gal hasn't contacted me further.  Usually, if someone is interested in a horse, they set up an appointment to come look at it.  So, why she just wanted that one question answered baffles me.  Maybe he looks a horse she once knew?  Maybe she was just being a snob, because she didn't think he looked like a purebred Arabian and wanted me to prove it?  Maybe she wanted to breed a flea-bitten grey, but wasn't having any luck?  You'd think she'd realize that both his sire and dam have passed on at his age.  Who knows?


achieve1dream said...

Weird. Are you advertising just locally or online too? I hope you get some interest in them soon. Selling them is always sad, but it will help ease the burden on you.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'm advertising both locally and online. I finally got another inquiry this weekend when I was out of town, but it was for Bombay, and I'd rather sell Gabbrielle. Maybe I should raise Bombay's price and lower Gabbrielle's.

achieve1dream said...

Maybe you should!! I would much rather you were able to find Gabrielle a home where she could get one on one time with someone. I'd really hate to see Bombay go anywhere. :\ It's so hard!!