Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gonna Catch a Ride

After dealing with rain and mud, the temperatures are rising back into the triple digits in mid-October.  This is unusual, and we could possibly set a record.  People are getting grumpy about the heat, including myself.  I've been feeling frustrated over the limited amount of time I can spend outdoors before I feel depleted.  I wanted to ride a horse, any horse, any time, anywhere -- I didn't care.  I just wanted to ride a horse.

The problem I've been running into is timing.  I tend wait until all the horses have eaten their breakfast before attempting to ride.  I get up before sunrise to feed them, and it takes them until 11:00 AM sometimes to finish their hay and grain.  By then it is practically mid-day and the sun is blaring straight down on us pretty forcefully.  I usually let the horses out of their stalls, clean up more manure, and then stagger back to the house for water and a place to sit down before I faint.  I've had many false starts when I got a halter out of the trailer to catch a horse.  Somehow something happens to distract me and eat up all of my energy, and next think I know I'm back in the house trying to recover with a glass of water and air conditioning.

So, this morning I approached things differently.  I went out in the morning when I was ready to ride, not caring if the horses were done eating or not.  Rock still had plenty of hay left, but wasn't interested in it, so I saddled him up and left all the other horses in their stalls to finish their breakfasts.  Amazingly, there wasn't a single whinny as we rode off.  The horses were too busy eating to care.

There was a little bit of a refusal going up the driveway, which was easily corrected.  That's one of the things I love about Rock.  He resists gently, and all I have to do it insist gently, and we're over the hump in a blink of an eye.

I was frustrated to see that all those loose newspaper pages that Bombay and I picked up along the trails the evening before were back.  They weren't the same ones, because I threw those in my recycling bin, but someone obviously does not have a lid on their can.  I'm thinking about going around knocking on neighbors' doors to discuss the problem, because frankly, I am sick of having to cut my hikes, bicycle rides, and horseback rides short in order to pick up litter that flaps in the wind and can be dangerous for riders on green horses.

I have even driven my truck up and down our road, stopping in front of houses to pick up trash, hoping neighbors would come out and ask what I'm doing, so that I can tell them just how much of my time is spent cleaning stray garbage off our street and bridle trails.  They need to know.  I call it "neighborhood awareness".

There was no new drink and drug paraphernalia on the trail head in front of my house, but there was some on the next trail head down in front of the horse rescue's house.  I think the weekend partier is still out there, just using a different gate since he ran into me the night of the lunar eclipse.  I'm planning on taking a garbage bag out with me later and some long grabbers to pick up all that garbage.

Rock was really good about getting us off trail to investigate garbage.  I knew I could trust him not to flip over backwards if a wind picked up and blew a plastic bag or newspaper across his path.

There were truck tire tracks going all over the desert.  Usually, the power company trucks just stay between the power lines, but since someone was discharging firearms in the desert on Sunday night, and I didn't see any tire tracks out there on Sunday during the day, I suspect the tire tracks belonged to the police looking for the gunman.

I hope they found him.  There is so much that happens around here that never makes the news.  While riding Rock, I did see a new trail that seemed to head out to an area where there was stuff reflecting the sun.  From a distance, it looked like either someone dumped there or set up camp (or a shooting range).  Both Rock and I were showering in our own sweat, so I didn't want investigate just then.  I'm going to go out later and take that trail to see what is going on.

Camping is illegal out there and no one is supposed to be there after dark.  Most of the homeless people go into town during the day, and then sneak out to the desert at night to sleep, so hopefully I won't run into a crazy person by checking it out in the day time.  I'd probably be safer on horseback than on foot, but I can be more stealthy on foot.  I can also pick up trash more easily without a horse in tow.  I still need to train my horses to be pack animals, so they can pack my garbage bags out of the desert.

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achieve1dream said...

I ran into the news thing recently like you do. There was a 70 acre fire near us a while back and I never saw any mention of it in the news. So weird! It makes me wonder how much I'm missing about our own town news.

I used to think I'd like living in the desert, but the older I get the less I can handle extreme heat (or cold) and now it doesn't sound fun at all. :\

I'm glad you finally got to ride!! I hope the temperature is cooling down for you now.