Thursday, October 15, 2015

Got Help

It's been a struggle caring for four horses and three dogs in five months of triple-digit temperatures without the help of my husband, my kids, and P.S.  I think if I just had the horses or just had the dogs, I could deal with it, but so much has to be done in such a short period of time around sunrise and sunset that it doesn't take much more than an empty water trough or an early morning appointment to spill over the limits of time.

P.S. was kind enough to offer to feed the horses and clean stalls one morning a week just so that I can sleep in and have the energy to ride a horse.  The farrier was coming around 7:30 AM, so the horses had to be fed as soon as dawn broke.  P.S. was willing to come by that early because she wanted to go to her nearby stable and ride her horse before it got too hot anyway.  I am so thankful, because even with her invaluable help, I still left the farrier hanging.

I showered while she did barn chores, and I actually had time to eat a bowl of Cheerios after feeding and medicating the dogs.  I was about to make a cup of coffee when the dogs asked to go outside.  I took them out and heard the trash truck coming.  I rushed the dogs back into the house and grabbed the trash bag out of the kitchen container, then dragged the trash can to the street, only to turn around and see a white truck parked in my neighbor's driveway.

I've seen our local burglar casing their house again in his white truck, so I have been expecting him to come back to steal more statues out of their yards.  I quickly ran to one side of my house to make sure that the farrier hadn't arrived yet.  I didn't see his car, but the sun was shining in my eyes.  Then I ran over to the white truck and saw a surveyor standing behind it.  I told him I was just checking to make sure he's not our local burglar.

We had tried to hire this guy to mark the corners of our land, but he won't return our calls and emails.  So, I thought maybe talking to him in person would light a fire under him.  I gave him my name and number and explained that the guy who lives behind me thinks he owns 30-feet of land down the cliff, but our own research shows that we own the land up to the street.  He said, "Yeah, you should own the land up to the street.  I'll put a marker up there to make it clear."

Hopefully, he'll follow through on that so the neighbor behind us will stop letting his grand kids play in our back yard.  Somehow, I doubt it will matter.  The neighbor will probably just pull the stake out of the ground or move it 30-feet down the hill.  I think I'll take pictures of the surveyor putting the stake into the ground to cover my ass.

Anyway, I left the surveyor and walked down my driveway to find the farrier waiting for me in his car.  I had never let the dogs finish going to the bathroom.  I never got my cup of coffee.  I never got a complete breakfast.  But it would have been much worse if P.S. didn't help feed and clean.  She wanted to do this as a favor for me, and said it's not a problem since she comes out my way anyway to ride her horse, but I'm going to make sure that she gets compensated for her time, energy, and gas.

Oh yeah, and I've been using Mane N Tail Pro-Tect Thrush Treatment once a week on the horses' hooves, and the farrier did not report seeing any thrush.  That's another win.


Tina said...

For property markers for our place, we hammered rebar down into the ground. The place next to us was a rent to own place and the actual owner of the property kept telling them our driveway was their driveway and that part of our barn was on their property LOL! So each time someone new moves in, we have to get out our survey map. After the second time we fenced it off and we have a metal detector if they need proof of the property marker. Grrrr...people have no respect!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The previous owners of our home had all the corners marked off with rebar, but the guy who built our barn bulldozed two of them out of the ground, and the neighbors up on the hill built a pillar for their front gate over one. We only have clear markers on the north side since the surveyor has been doing work there recently to subdivide our next-door neighbors' property. According to the placement of the old rebar, we own the street in front of our house an the shoulder of the street behind our house.

Tina said...

Oh wow!!

achieve1dream said...

People are so stupid... maybe it's their sun baked brains???

I'm glad P.S. is helping you out some. She's so sweet. :D