Monday, October 26, 2015

In Motion Monday

Going up the driveway this morning, Rock had to maneuver around a ditch with orange construction cones beside it.  Whenever it rains, water pools in the junction boxes of our electrical system, and the floodlight to our barn shorts out, so my husband has been digging everything up in an attempt to locate the leak.

Rock was a good boy, as always.  I don't ask too much from him, because he's the gift that just keeps on giving.  It is such a pleasure to have at least one horse who feels like a loyal partner.

When we reached the top of the hill in the desert, he stopped and popped his head up.  I looked out in the direction he was focused and saw a lady running her gaited horse along a trail in the distance.  People have tried to teach me all the names of the gaits depending on the breed of the gaited horse, but I can't retain new information anymore, so I just say that the horse was "running" or "going fast".

I was hoping to get a few rides in before the snowbirds show up on the bridle trails, but it's already too late.  I can't believe how quickly October is passing us by.  Our local rodeo is coming up in a couple of weeks, and that's when I run into most of the galloping horses on the trails.  A lot of people get drunk and like to run around the desert on horseback whooping it up and scaring the poop out of my horses in the process.

I had to swing the trailer door out into Rock's rump, and he couldn't care less.  Any of my other horses would have been dancing around nervously.  Where, oh where has this horse been all my life?

As usual, I offered him my water, but he wouldn't take it... at least not in front of me.  That nose is so kissable.

Over the past few weeks, my left shoulder has been wonky.  If I try to lift my arm over my head, it feels like a muscle gets hung up and can't stretch or move normally.  I found that I couldn't lift Rock's saddle onto the top tier of the saddle rack in the trailer, so I moved it to the bottom rack of the new saddle rack in the new tack room.  So much easier.

If I don't pass out after eating lunch, I'm going to try to ride at least one more horse while the skies are cloudy and pleasant.

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achieve1dream said...

I've heard of something called frozen shoulder. I wonder if you have that. I hope it feels better without a dreaded doctor visit.

Rock is such a good boy. I'm glad you get to enjoy him.

With the gaited horses I just say they are gaiting because I can't remember what they are called either lol!! There are so many different names for them and variations of them.. I don't know how anyone keeps it straight hehe.