Saturday, October 3, 2015

Progress Minus the Misery

I was feeling really good today with the lower temperatures and breezes, and managed to get a lot of work done down at the barn.  I dragged the sand in the paddock to even out the distribution.  There were hills and valleys caused by the high winds and flooding of monsoon season, and the bobcat left behind to decent sized lumps and ditches.

A couple of times the wind picked up and blew a cloud of sand up into the air in the direction of the neighbors' houses.  I try to prevent that by driving slowly, but I think I managed to piss off the neighbors with the horses, because they got in their truck and drove up to our backyard to check out my work.  By then I was done dragging, and was just letting the horses out of their stalls, but they sat up there on the cliff staring down at me for a good five minutes.  Those people are getting to be what I call my current "nosy neighbors", because they've gotten into the habit of driving up to my backyard to watch me whenever I do just about anything out there.  I'm not sure why they find me to be so fascinating, but any time I have to holler at Gabbrielle for attacking another horse, they jump in their car or truck and race over to see what is going on.

Since I hear one of their horses calling out to missing horses at night, I'm pretty sure those are the neighbors who have been riding through my property a night, and probably the ones who were bitching about me shining my flashlight and turning on my floodlight while they were riding in the desert in the dark.

I managed to pick out every horse's hooves, treat them for thrush, and put Hoof Alive onto each hoof.  That's a load off my mind.  I've got a farrier appointment next week, and I am sick of hearing him say that my horses have thrush.  Hopefully, this time they'll get a clean bill of hoof health.  I was also good about resting my back between horses, so that I didn't blow it out by bending over to lift the hooves of the last horse.  I learned that the less times I pick up a hoof, the less pain I have in my back, so I made sure that I had all of my tools and topicals within reach once I had a hoof in my hand.

Now that I've dealt with the important maintenance stuff, maybe I can get around to riding this week.

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achieve1dream said...

I'm so sick of nosy people!! My grandma has been doing that. It almost feels like she spying on me. Every single time I go outside she comes out on her porch, coughing and asking me what I'm doing.... jeez do I need to write her an agenda or something?? I don't know how you put up with it so much at your old house. I hate that it's happening here again too! Ugh!