Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rock Shares a Hidden Talent

Normally, I don't ride the horses right after their hooves have been trimmed, because sometimes they are a tad bit sore, but we had such a sweet cloud cover and nice breeze with no rain that I couldn't resist.  I did put Rock's Renegade boots on and they were actually slightly loose, which means that my farrier did a good job taking more off the toe than usual.

Today's ride wasn't as wonderful as a couple of days ago, but not bad.  I didn't wear spurs today because two days ago Rock did such a great job of moving out at a good clip without resistance.  However, today he was back to is old routine of pussy-footing his way up the driveway, inching his way across the street, and then when we reached the gate out to the bridle trails, he tried to turn toward home.

I stopped him and made him face the gate.  He took a few steps forward, then spotted some manure Bombay dropped the day before, stepped one foot through the gate, and stopped to sniff the manure.  I was hoping a truck wouldn't race past us right then, because he would have been taken by surprise and probably jumped the rest of the way through the gate.  That horse can totally lose himself in the scent of manure when he's sleuthing like a Bloodhound.

I had to do a lot of pushing to get him to pick up the pace on the way out, and had to do a lot of one-rein tugs to get him to slow down on the way home.  It didn't help that I took a trail that was a straight shot to the barn.  He could see the house and smell the horses, and he felt like he wanted to run all the way home.

While putting his tack away, I walked around the back of the trailer to find him with my water bottle in his mouth!  He was tilting it up like he was trying to drink from it, except that the cap was still on.  I didn't know he knew how to do that.  One of his previous owners must have taught him that trick.  I usually drink in front of him, and offer him a sip, but he turns his head away.

Of course I didn't have my camera with me when he did that, so I grabbed my camera and took the lid off the water bottle hoping he'd do it again, but he wouldn't.  I did get a lot of funny pictures, though.

I'm helpless without my step stool.

Steering Rock around some dog or coyote scat.

He's got his ears forward in 90% of the shots.  Happy horse. 

Showing Rock where his peppermints are stored.  This may have been a stupid move.  I'll know for sure if I even find him in the tack room chowing down.

Getting his peppermints once the bit is out of his mouth. 

Here I am drinking water out of the bottle and Rock is showing an interest. 

But when I offered some to him, he closed his eyes and turned away. 

I tried to get him to pick it up again and drink it with the cap off, but all he would do is sniff it.

Nice butt shot and a look at a rare overcast day in Arizona.

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achieve1dream said...

Hehehehe silly Rock!!!! Chrome zones how when sniffing manure too. :) I'm glad you had the chance to enjoy your overcast day.