Monday, October 5, 2015

Saved by a Horse

It was a nutty day in which I was at the mercy of circumstances, but it ended on a good note in which a horse made me laugh.  Here's the story...

It rained hard first thing in the morning and when the rain cleared away, I went outside to clean up manure.  I spotted someone on an ATV riding around on the street behind our house.  I had to keep an eye on him to make sure it wasn't the same guy who has been trespassing, dumping on, and vandalizing my neighbor's property.

Then a suspicious looking truck caught my attention driving super slowly up the street.  It was white and old, like the pick up truck that had been casing my neighbor's house right before they were burgled.  The driver pulled over across the street from their house and sat there staring at the place while popping food into his mouth for about fifteen minutes.

Most home shoppers get out of their vehicle and walk around the front yard, taking a flyer from the box, but this guy never exited his truck.  He then drove off just as slowly as he drove up.  I figured he came back to finish the job.  There were still items he could steal.  I thought about calling my neighbor to tell her about it, but since the guy hadn't done anything illegal (yet), I didn't want to worry her.  I figured I'd just keep a close eye on her house.

That reminded me that I should go over to her place to make sure that there wasn't any new storm damage, so I did that.  I went back home, took the dogs outside, and when I was taking just Scrappy out, I heard voices next door.  I looked up to see some people trying to get through the gate to my neighbor's back yard.  My neighbor always calls me if she is expecting someone to tour her house or do work around her property, so these people were trespassing.

I took the dog back into the house before he spotted them and had a barking fit.  Then I went out the front door to ask them what was going on, but didn't see them anywhere.  I went back into the house and rolled up a shade to see them standing in my neighbor's back yard looking up at me.  I guess the movement of my shade caught their attention.  So, I went out on the porch to talk to them.  I asked if they had talked to the home owners.

It turned out there was a real estate agent with them, and she said, "Yes, I just talked to her on the phone.  We're walking the property."

I said okay, expecting my neighbor to call me any second to tell me to let them into the house.  I started to walk away and the man yelled, "Hey!  If we buy this house, will you watch it for us like you watch it for them?"

I smiled and said, "Yes, definitely."

That seemed to make him really happy.  They walked around a bit and then drove off.  I thought it was odd that I did not receive a call asking me to let them into the house.  A short time later I did receive that call, but they were in another city and would have to call me when they arrived.  A short time after that, they called to say they didn't have time to see the house after all.  There was some kind of a miscommunication between the home shopper and the real estate agent.

Anyway, guarding my neighbor's house and talking on the phone ended up taking up most of my day, and I didn't get to do anything that I had planned.  I needed to get out for some fresh air, so I went into the barn and asked for a volunteer to take a walk with me.  None of the horses stepped up to the gate.  They all just went into their stalls because they wanted their dinner.  I picked Rock, because he needs work on his leading manners.  I had to practically drag him out onto the trails.

Every few meters I kept finding newspaper pages stuck in bushes.  It was like someone's recycling can got tipped over in the wind and the contents blew out into the desert.  I kept leading Rock off the trail to pull papers out of bushes, and he was so good about staying with me.  He was not in the least bit concerned about the newspapers flapping in the wind.  I had to hold this huge wad of papers to my chest while we walked, and he was good about staying right beside me without pulling ahead, dragging behind, or going his own way once he realized that I was on a mission to clean up litter.

I probably could have draped the lead rope over his neck, and he would have stayed with me as I meandered all over the place from one bush to the next.  I led him up the concrete driveway so that I could dump the wad of papers into the recycling can, and he was casually curious about all the stuff around him.  I suspect I could walk him into my house, and he would be polite without freaking out.

What really cracked me up was that after I closed the lid to the recycling bin, he marched right up to it and tried to lift the lid with his teeth.  He wanted to pull the wad of newspapers out so that he could play with it.  That horse is so fearless!  He's a riot.

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achieve1dream said...

LOL!! Rock sounds like such a sweetheart with such a great personality. I'm glad you got to enjoy a good walk with him. :D