Monday, October 19, 2015

Scary Night

This weekend we had another scary night besides the one where an explosion of hail hit the aluminum roof of the barn and the horses nearly killed me and themselves while trying to escape.  On this other scary night, we had the windows and doors open to let in cool air.  My husband fell asleep next to the door to our porch.  I was sitting on the couch with my laptop when I heard what I thought was the TV in the other room.  Then I thought the sound was my husband or a dog snoring.  However, the snorting noise got more frantic and was punctuated with squeals.

I thought my husband was having a heart attack, so I jumped up and ran toward the bedroom.  As I passed the open window, I realized the sounds were coming from outside.  I grabbed the flashlight while my husband flew out of bed and slammed the door to the porch shut so that whatever was out there couldn't get in.  I shined the flashlight through the window screen on the horses to make sure they were okay.  They were just standing around sleeping.

I didn't see anything, so I went outside with the flashlight to investigate.  By this point, I was thinking there was a javelina on or near our porch, but I saw no movement.  My husband must have scared it off when he slammed the door.  I shined the light under the porch and found a dead rabbit.  Whatever animal was trying to get to it had chewed a hole through the mesh that we put up there to prevent rattlesnakes from getting in and out.  The mesh has also served the wild rabbits well, because they can squeeze under it when being chased by coyotes.  But for whatever reason, this rabbit died under the porch behind the mesh.

By morning the carcass must have been letting off a scent, because each time we took the dogs outside, they pulled us toward the dead rabbit.  They'd forget to take care of business, so we had a lot of accidents on the carpet.  I knew I had to figure out a way to get the body out from underneath the porch, so I used our rattlesnake stick to grab it and pull it under the mesh.  I was hard to get a grip on it.  Once I got it out, I tried to put it in a bag, but the wind was blowing the plastic bag around, and then it began pouring rain.

I had gloves on my hands, so I just grabbed it and put it in the bag.  I had planned to dig a hole somewhere on our property and bury it, but the weather wouldn't stop its onslaught, so I had to dispose of it by other, quicker means.  It's not even Halloween yet and I've already had several scares.  Life in the desert is always full of surprises.

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achieve1dream said...

Weather in the desert must be so unpredictable and scary!! I wonder what killed the rabbit...