Saturday, October 10, 2015

So, This is What It is Like to be Normal

This morning my husband did all the barn chores, and while he was outside, I managed to wake up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and hair, make the bed, make scrambled eggs and toast, grab some bacon and coffee that he made, and eat / drink it all before he came in from doing the chores.  I can't tell you what a luxury that was for me.  I was thinking, "So, this is what normal people do in the mornings.  It almost feels sinful."

Normally, my morning goes like this:  As soon as I start stirring in bed, the dogs pounce on me.  I get up, take them outside to do their business, bring them in, feed them, give Midge her insulin shot, hand-feed whichever dogs are not eating out of bowls that morning, go down to the barn, lock all the horses in their stalls, throw them flakes of hay, pour pellets into their feed troughs, scrub and fill water troughs, clean up manure, give the horses their medications, clean up dog poop, take the dogs outside again, and then either skip breakfast or eat a bowl of cereal really fast, but I'm rarely able to finish the bowl of cereal because the whole time the dogs are bugging me to take them outside again.  Then I have to clean up dog poop again.  Then the horses are done eating, and I have to clean up horse manure again before letting them out of their stalls.  The rest of the day consists of cleaning up dog poop and manure, breaking up fights, feeding, and giving out meds.  If I eat a complete meal, it's usually because my husband and I left the animals to their own devices so that we could eat in a restaurant.

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achieve1dream said...

Wow. I'm glad you got a normal morning!! No wonder you're always stressed, exhausted and distracted! I would go bonkers with a schedule like that.....