Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Toenail Time

Scrappy's toenails have been growing out faster than Stewie's.  I've been waiting for Stewie's toenails to get long enough to take both dogs to the salon, but Scrappy's nails got unbearably long during the wait, so I just took him in.  That dog knows how to become an unmovable boulder when he is resistant.  I carried him under my arm into the salon, but needed to set him down so that I could put my keys and sunglasses into my purse.

Before I could do that, a lady reading a magazine got up and said, "You're here for...?"

"A trim," I said.

She stepped back and said, "Oh.  Wait -- a nail trim?"

Realizing that a trim could be interpreted as a hair trim, I verified that I wanted a nail trim.  She opened the gate and asked my dog's name.  When I said it, she acted like she remembered him.  She said, "How is he now?"

I said 17.  I don't know if he's exactly 17, but I say that because I want pet care professionals to understand that he's definitely a senior dog and needs special attention.  She said, "Come on, grandpa.  Get in here."

Of course, Scrappy ignored her, because he's deaf.  He started pulling me toward the front door and my hands were full with the leash, my purse, my keys, and my sunglasses.  I held the leash out for the pet groomer to grab, but she wouldn't take it.  She actually backed away from us.  I made a motion for her to take the leash, and she just kept staring at me.  I said, "You will have to take the leash.  I've got my hands full and cannot pick him up."

Then she finally took the leash, but still would not come out into the waiting area to pick Scrappy up.  I put my keys and sunglasses in my purse, picked up Scrappy and handed him to her, because he made it clear that he was not going to heel or come for anybody.

When she was done, she said he did a good job, she opened the gate, set him down, and said, "Can I at least get a tail wag from you?"

He actually wagged his tail then and we both burst out laughing.  I know it was a coincidence, because he can't hear anything.  I asked her some questions about nail clippers, and she showed me which brand and size she recommended.  I bought a pair from her since my clippers at home are always breaking.

One thing that always happens when I'm in that place is that some old man comes in after me and cuts me off at the counter when I was clearly there first.  I don't know if the problem is that men think they are more important than women or if they are just clueless about their surroundings because their senses are dulled, but I do get tired of being treated like I don't exist or I don't count.

The groomer went behind the counter to ring up my purchases, while I struggled to pull Scrappy away from the door.  He wouldn't budge, so I had to put my wallet back in my purse to pick him up again just so I could get to the counter.  I was amazed when my groomer said, "Excuse us," to the man who cut me off.  All of the sudden he looked behind him at me and kind of jumped, like he didn't see me there, and stepped away.  I was so happy to have the groomer "make room" for me at the counter so that I could pay.

Most of my experiences with this salon have been negative, but there aren't any salons closer to where I live.  Either I would have to pay extra for a mobile salon to come to me, or I'd have to get on the freeway and devote more of my time traveling.  So, I decided to give this pet salon another chance, and I'm glad I did, because the experience wasn't all bad.  I just wish I could get this groomer to be more sensitive to the fact that my hands are full and my dog won't budge, so someone has to pick him up.


achieve1dream said...

At least she seemed nice than the last lady! Or was this the same lady??

Which type of clippers did she recommend? The guillotine clippers are bad about crushing and splitting the nails so I hope it was the other kind.

Funny story about Jackal's nails today. I noticed what looked like blood on his toe and leaned down to look at it. His toenail was covered in red! I was freaking out thinking he'd crushed his nail or something. I got a bowl of warm water and dipped his foot in it. The color immediately started coming off and looked too violet to be blood... then I finally realized it was berry juice not blood!!! He had me freaking out so bad lol. I washed it off and then clipped all of his nails hehe. The critters need to stop scaring me!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it was the same lady. I realized that I always get her because she is the only nail trimmer. You know how sometimes one woman runs a manicure/pedicure business within a hair salon? I think it's an arrangement like that. But the lady looked better and seemed more chipper than usual.

She recommended the scissor like clippers by Paw Brothers. I have some of both kinds, but the size of the blades should correspond with the size of the dog, so my big scissor clippers work well for Midge, but not Stewie.

I'm glad Jackal wasn't bleeding. Bombay has a swollen sheath today! I sprayed it with a hose from a distance because he was kicking. If the swelling doesn't go down by tomorrow, I'm calling the vet. It could be infected, but I suspect that he just kicked it while trying to get a fly off and bruised himself.

achieve1dream said...

That makes sense about the salon. I'm glad she seemed happier and nicer this time. I think the guillotine clippers work fine on small, easy to cut nails, but they don't work well on my dogs at all. I hope you like your new ones. :-)

Fingers crossed Bombay's swelling goes down without a vet visit!