Friday, November 6, 2015

Bag Lady

It has finally cooled down enough for me to finish the work my husband started, installing hardware like bridle racks and peg board in the new tack room.  The bridle racks came wrapped in plastic bags, so with me being the cruel horse mommy that I am, I tied all the bags to the barn railings, taking special care to tie the bags near the feed troughs.

The only horse to take exception to having plastic bags near her feed barrel was Gabbrielle.  Rock tried eating the bags, and then had no problem letting the wind blow the bag against his neck while he ate.

He can really bury his head in those barrels.  I always say his name loudly before walking up to him when he's eating.  If I reach out to pet him while he's in Salivation Heaven, he'll jump out of his skin.

Gabbrielle refused to eat her hay as long as the bags were tied there, but all I had to do was pour some grain into her barrel and she strapped on a pair.

I had to untie all the bags and throw them away once she got comfortable with them, because I found evidence that Rock tried to swallow one of the bags in his stall.  That would make a nasty intestinal blockage.

When I wrapped up with the horses, I heard gunshots out in the desert in front of my house.  Some idiot has been going out there every weekend and shooting off his gun, which is illegal because there are too many houses and people around.  Neighbors have called the police, but the police obviously can't catch the guy because he keeps coming back.  So, I jumped on my bike and raced out there as fast as possible.  I didn't even take the time to put on my helmet and gloves, because I was so motivated to catch the jerk.

I know it wasn't the smartest thing to do because I could have been struck by a stray bullet or the man with the gun could have used me for target practice on purpose, but I'm just totally fed up with idiots.  People walk their dogs, ride their horses, bicycle, and hike out there at sunset all the time.  Shooting live ammunition anywhere other than a designated shooting range is unforgivable.  Not only could someone get hurt or killed, but it just creates noise pollution for all the residents in the area.

Anyway, I heard voices and followed them, but they must have seen me and hid, because it got really quiet all of the sudden.  I sat on my bike on a hill and scanned the horizon, but saw nothing.  I waited a while to hear another gunshot, but they stopped.  It was getting dark in a hurry and I didn't want to get caught out there with the javelina, mountain lions, coyotes and rattlesnakes without my sight, so I headed back home.

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achieve1dream said...

Dang. I wish you had been able to catch the guy. That is so dangerous shooting guns in such a populated area!