Thursday, November 12, 2015

Going Public Again

I set my blog to private two months ago because I made the decision to put Gabbrielle up for sale, and I didn't want any of my stories to influence horse buyers in a negative way.  I wouldn't hide the truth from horse buyers, but because I am a writer, I understand the importance of tension when writing blog posts, and I tend to write about the more harrowing portions of my horseback rides.  It's really not all bad.  My horses are pretty good characters.

My decision to sell Gabbrielle was triggered by a dark period she went through this summer in which she did not get along with the geldings and temporarily injured both of them.  She's had her attitude adjustment, and is behaving better now.  However, I'd still like to sell her before next summer because it's just too hard to take care of four horses in 115 degree heat for five months straight.  I have also been continuing to develop health challenges that make it hard to ride one horse, none-the-less four.  Right now I've got the help of my horse trainer in exercising and training Bombay and Gabbrielle, and P.S. has been coming by one morning a week to feed and clean up after the horses, so that I can have the energy to ride.

I don't want to say that I will never ride Lostine again, but she's definitely ready to retire.  She has been having problems with her coordination and balance in her old age.  She has good days and bad days.  I would really like to cut back to two horses, so I put Bombay up for sale also.  However, Lostine's condition makes me realize that if I sell both Bombay and Gabbrielle, I will only be able to ride Rock, and he spends a lot of time in traction because of his tendency to get hoof abscesses.  I've never been in a position where I had no horse to ride.

Then when Lostine passes away, Rock will be all alone.  So, selling Bombay has been a bit of quandary.

So far, the horse shoppers have only been interested in Bombay, so I dropped Gabbrielle's price, hoping to get more interest in her.  I'm probably going to have to take a loss with her.  Nobody really makes a profit selling a horse they've owned for 9 years anyway.  I'd just like her to go to someone who understands her and will ride her often.

At the rate things are going, I don't think she will sell any time soon, and just in the past 24 hours I've had several people ask for access to my blog.  I didn't offer access to anyone, but kept blogging for myself.  I did give access to a couple of ladies who figured out how to get a hold of me.  Then I remembered that I purposefully broke the link to my email address in my Blogspot profile years ago when I was getting too much spam, so no one could get a hold of me easily unless they happened to already be in contact with me via email or phone.  So, I got my email link working in my profile again.  Then more requests came in for me to either give them access or make the blog public again.

I thought it would be easier to just make it public.  Quite frankly, I'm touched that some people enjoy reading my blather and seeing my photos enough to ask.  I will try not to disappoint.

Scrappy, my little black and grey Chiweenie, is still alive and kicking.  I think the vet's guess that he had cancer was not the case.  His growth has shrunk enough that it is barely noticeable.  He just continues to grow old and sleep a lot.  He's definitely more blind and deaf than he already was, though.  But his sense of smell still tells him when there's food around.  One of these days I'll make a video of him begging for chicken.  It's hilarious.  He climbs right up into my husband's face, and squeals and whines so loud that we can't hear the TV or carry on a conversation.  Sometimes you can make out words like "I want some" and "Give it to me."


TeresaA said...

welcome back! I wondered how you were doing.
I'm hoping that the weather there is good in April. My husband and I are coming for a week (just south of Phoenix).

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

TeresaA - Thanks. It should be warm in April, but not too hot to bear. Supposedly, we are having an El Nino winter, which means that we should be experiencing more storms than usual. The flies have still not disappeared because we had such a long heat wave this summer, and I know the flies usually come back in February, which means that my horses will be lucky to get one month without fly masks. Every season is different from years past. Let me know as it gets closer to your trip if you have the time and are interested in meeting the cast of my blog.

ellie k said...

Thank you for coming back, you don't know how many times I checked if you were back yet. I did miss you .

Grey Horse Matters said...

Weather wise I think the worst time I spent in Arizona was August. It was brutally hot.

Good luck with your horse plans. I hope it works out for you and the horses. Personally, I think it's hard to have just two horses if you plan on trail riding. That would leave one at home by themselves. I think three is the right combination. This way no one is left alone. But that's just my preference. Everyone needs to do what is right for them.

I know too, how it is dealing with an older dog. My Maggie is twelve now and she's deaf and can't get around too well. But the begging for food never stops. We don't get whining, just panting and lots of sad eyes.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

ellie K - I missed you too.

Grey Horse Matters - Very good point. I have a neighbor who leaves one horse alone at home when she rides, and that horse works up a sweat running around whinnying and worrying.

Brenda said...

Yay, you're back! I was thinking of you today and hoping all was going well. I thought about emailing you, but didn't want to bother you. I'm sorry you haven't been successful in selling your horses, but I'm glad you have people willing to help with their upkeep. If I lived closer I'd offer to help, too. :)

I look forward to reading your blog again and seeing your pictures. Welcome back!

Camryn said...

So happy you're back. I don't comment often but, very much look forward to your post.

Linda said...

Welcome back! It was sad not to have you around--even though I'd see a post every now and then and click on it and get--access denied--or whatever the message was. I looked for a way around it, but could not get in. I understand wanting to go offline during the sale of a horse though. I've wondered how the blogs affect others selling horses.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for going public - I've missed your comments and photos!

appydoesdressage said...

Welcome back! Glad to see you were still blogging, I hope you can find a good home for Gabrielle soon.

Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, I've MISSED YOU! :-( But, I see you made it to my blog. Gosh, darn! That was a long, dry spell! I've been under the weather myself and I'm going to retire before the end of this school year. I already had my pre-retirement appointment, but our daughter is pregnant and she's due May 5, so I'm thinking I'll retire April 30th. I need to be with her and I've put in 30 years. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Brenda - Thanks. An email wouldn't have bothered me.

Camryn - Thanks. Good to know you've been reading.

Linda - I wondered whether people would see my blog posts in their feeds after I set the blog to private. That seems kind of cruel for Blogspot to allow that. They give you something to click on and then you can't get in. Sorry about that.

Unknown - Are you anyone I know? Hee hee.

appydoesdressage - Thanks. I think you once said you were having problems reading my blog. I don't remember what the issue was, but I couldn't fix it. Are you still having that problem?

Cheryl Ann - I missed you too. I know you've been looking forward to retirement. Congrats on being a grandmother again.

Brenda said...

I don't know about Linda, but nothing showed in my feed after you set it to private. The only time I actually saw the "access denied" is if I went straight to your blog.

Cheryl Ann said...

I got the "access denied" message, too. I really did look for you! So glad you are back with us!

Janice L. Grinyer said...

Never removed you from my blog link sidebar

*big grin*

Welcome back - sounds like you have people interested in your horses; that's half the battle in selling :) but I know you know that.

Like you said, its just negotiating the prices.

Mrs Shoes said...

Good to see you back.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Brenda and Cheryl Ann - Maybe it had more to do with what feeds people are using. Thanks for letting me know how it behaved for you.

Janice and Mrs. Shoes - Thanks.

fernvalley01 said...

so glad you are back! I don't recall any of your posts that would shed a bad light on Gabriell, but probably wise to set back for a time. Sorry to read Lostine is failing, she is such a trouper! .I wish you the best of luck with finding the right buyer for Gabrielle, I am sure there is someone out there for her

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

fernvalley01 - I'm glad to hear you don't think I've said anything that sheds bad light on her. I haven't gone back and looked myself, but it's just one of those things where you really don't know what a person might read that would deter her, and this blog goes all the way back to starting her under saddle, so I don't want someone to read about those challenges and think they are still going on.

achieve1dream said...

I'm glad Scrappy's lump went down. That's a relief!

It's hard to decide who to sell, when to sell, if you should sell, etc. It really is so much easier when you have fewer though. You might lose some riding time when Rock has an abscess, but really you wouldn't because you rarely get to ride anyway with all the time spent feeding and cleaning up after four! The less time you spend shoveling manure the more time you will be able to ride. :-D

I feel lucky to have my donkey because he keeps the one who stays home company. If I take both horses Zep had the guests. It all works out well. :-)