Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hiking and The Fly Mask Fiasco

There were a bunch of activities around town this weekend including a rodeo and a trail ride.  I didn't feel like my horses and horse trailer were ready for a trail ride in a rocky area, so I skipped that.  I've seen a lot of rodeos, so my husband and I decided to go hiking in a location near home where one of his coworkers goes hiking and mountain biking.  We always admire these mountains when we go into town and felt that it was about time we check them out.

Hardly anyone was there, because they were all in town for the rodeo.  I often like to do the opposite of what other people do in order to avoid crowds.

While driving up, I saw signs for a local art show featuring the Superstition Mountains.  You drive around to artists' homes and view their art on display.  One of my photography mentors sent me the information on it a while ago, and I planned to attend, however by the time we got back from our hike, our feet felt like they couldn't take another step, and our muscles were locked up.  Oh well, I guess I'll try again next year.

We ran into a few of these dune buggy / quad type vehicles and saw that there was a motocross track just off to the side of the road.  One came ripping up from behind us so fast, we only had a second or two to scurry off to the sides of the road.  I screamed, and my husband thought I had stepped on a snake.  It was hard to hear the engine in the wind.

What was weird was that there were so many houses in these foothills that were up for sale.  It was almost disturbing.  I wondered what was making all those home owners bail.  They did raise our property taxes this year.  Who knows?

I wished I had brought bandages with us, because my hiking boots were rubbing blisters on my heels.  I think it is time I start shopping for a better fitting pair of hiking boots.  I had two pair, but the other pair was way too small and smushed my toes so I put them in our donation bag.

When we got home, I let the horses out of their stalls and noticed that Bombay's fly mask was missing.  I've been leaving the masks on the horses at night so that dirt and sand won't blow in their eyes, but Bombay encourages Rock to rip his off his face.  I usually find it lying in the paddock, but today I couldn't find it anywhere.  I looked in all the water troughs and feed barrels.  I walked around the perimeter of the paddock in case they dropped it over the fence.  I dug around in the sand in case they buried it.  Much to my dismay, I found it all the way over in the round pen on the other side of our four acres.

We didn't have big enough winds to blow it there.  I wondered if someone hiked through our property when we were gone, picked it up off the ground and tossed it in the round pen.  Then I wondered if some gutsy stranger might have taken Bombay into the round pen to play with him, removed his fly mask, and forgot about it.  That theory really gave me chills, but it was unlikely, because I never leave halters and lead ropes out, so the stranger would have had to bring his/her own.

Then I remembered all the coyote poop I noticed around our back yard that wasn't there the day before.  When I tried to put the mask on Bombay, I saw that the Velcro strap had been chewed off in one place, and two eye holes had been chewed...

Obviously, I can't use that mask anymore, because the flies can get right through those holes.  I'm sad because this was the giraffe print mask that CNJ made for him.  So, in the end, I concluded that Rock ripped the mask off Bombay's head, coyotes got into the paddock and grabbed it to play with, and they dragged it all the way across our property to the round pen.  At least, this time they left the horses' Jolly Ball alone, but I'm sure they'll be back tonight to get that.  I might just lock it up in the tack room since the horses aren't playing with it much right now.  It has lost its novelty for the horses, but not for the coyotes.

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achieve1dream said...

Aww man! That sucks!! Dang coyotes! :-( I'm glad you found it at least.

I try to avoid crowds too. Those mountains are pretty. I'm glad you had a good hike minus the blisters and almost being run over.