Monday, November 30, 2015

On the Mend

My family calls this my "ghetto cast"...

It's what you do when you sprain or strain or fracture your arm and you are too stubborn to see a doctor about it.

My arm is healing and I'm feeling better.  Over the first few days I was popping four Ibuprofen every four hours because the pain was pretty intense.  I didn't even have to do anything to trigger it.  I just had general pain because the arm existed and was injured.  Then I got to the point where I switched to Naproxen Sodium because I got the swelling under control, and then weaned myself off it during the day and only had to take it a night.  My arm only hurt when I slept on it, touched it or used it.  Now I'm at a point where I'm off all medications and I can use the arm for basic actions, as long as I'm not doing heavy lifting or banging it against something.  That's pretty fast progress when it comes to healing.  I suspect I had some spiritual intervention.

Bombay with his bunny, sharing his dinner at sunset...

Lostine has five bunnies, but they usually come out after dark, so it's hard to get pictures of them.

I'm bummed because I was supposed to pick up where the trainer left off in teaching Bombay to neck rein, but it's going to be a few more days or weeks before I can lift a saddle.  I'm still having the trainer work with Gabbrielle on... everything.

This is my first morning going back to doing barn chores by myself.  My neighbor needed me to open up her house for a HVAC inspection during one of those four hour windows between 8 and 12.  I got up early, showered, and while I was brushing my teeth, the HVAC company called half an hour early.  I answered the phone with toothpaste caught in my throat.  They were on their way.  Crap.

I had to race around to feed the dogs, take them outside to potty, drag the trash can to the street before the trash truck arrived, and feed the horses.  Of course, Scrappy had to be constipated, so I just dropped his leash and left him to his own devices while I ran around doing other things.  I kept an eye out for coyotes and javelina, so that they wouldn't eat my little dog while he was trying to poop.

While I was shutting the gates to the horse stalls, something spooked the horses, and Bombay took off like a bat out of hell, making such a tight turn out of his stall into the barn aisle that he wiped out and fell on his hip.  He jumped up and galloped with a limp across the paddock and then bucked repeatedly, so I knew he couldn't be too badly injured.  I'm sure that me rushing around got the horses on edge and made them spooky.  They were also a bit freaked out because there was an open house event next door all weekend, and our neighborhood was like Grand Central Station.

I was glad that I didn't have to wait all day for the HVAC guy, but he came at the worst possible time for me.  I didn't get to eat my breakfast or have a cup of coffee before he arrived.  I ran to my neighbor's house to unlock it, only to discover that the real estate agent had left the house open and unlocked after this weekend's open house.  Only the sliding screen on the back door was shut (but unlocked), so the heater must have been running all weekend trying to keep up with the cold air blasting into the house.  Thankfully, I found the agent's oversight before one of our local vandals or vagrants did.

I am continually astounded by the sloppy work of real estate agents.  They also left the oven light on and there were dead bugs in the tub and on the floor for everyone to see.  I'm sure that everyone who came to that open house was like, "Mmmm, yum.  I want to buy this bug infested home."

I talked to the home owner later, and she didn't even know that her agency held an open house at her place.  Worse yet, they switched agents on her without notifying her, so now she has a stranger representing her house.  She had specifically picked out her original agent, because they had a lot in common and she trusted him and his assistant.  This reminds me of having to deal with that alcoholic real estate agent who was representing my house when I had it up for sale.  I checked on the house one day to find two of the lawns dying and there were some old plumbing parts lying in the driveway announcing to all potential home buyers that we recently had our pipes burst.  This was after he told me that he drove past my house every day and stopped to check on it once a week.

While I was in my neighbor's house, I saw the open house display, which included aerial photos of both my property and my neighbor's property that the drone took, and you can see me shoveling manure in my horse paddock.  I didn't see the photo of me giving the drone the middle finger, though.  I'm sure that's in the film editor's trash.

I was climbing around on my neighbor's roof with my injured arm trying to help the HVAC guy locate all of their air units.  It's not unusual for larger homes in the desert to have 3 or 4 units.  We have one for each side of the house and one for the garage.

Thanksgiving was good.  I got to spend time with family and eat and drink things I normally don't get to eat and drink, which was a treat.  We even got the majority of our Christmas shopping done, mostly online.

On Sunday my husband and I went for a walk along the bridle trails so that I could get out of the house to get some fresh air and sunshine.  We wound up on a trail that took us out a gate into a different neighborhood, and we decided to figure out how to get back home via the streets, but the streets were a maze with a lot of dead ends because of all the arroyos around here.  We spotted a trail, but it looked like it went through private property and there was a lady bathing a horse in her yard watching us, so we kept walking.

We ended up getting stuck and had to backtrack.  By then the lady had put her horse away and was gone.  I noticed that the trial was loaded with hoof and foot prints, so we took it.  It split with some tracks going up a wash and other tracks going up a hill.  We went up a hill and found a street that got us home.  Along the way, I discovered that someone had been tearing down my neighbor's NO TRESPASSING signs again.  There aren't many kids around here, so these are grown ups doing it.  People don't like to be told to stay off private property, apparently.

What was really creepy was that the latest sign I put up on my property had what looked like dried blood streaks on it.  It was almost as if someone had tried to pry my aluminum sign from its wood backing and cut himself in the process.  Either that or the neighbor's grandsons shot a bird that was perching on the sign.  I decided to leave the blood there so that people would think that those who do trespass meet their demise.

Then I found hoof prints in our wash.  Not even an hour after we got home, I noticed the horses alerting on the wash.  I walked out onto the porch and could hear hoof beats down there.  I waited to see the horse and rider come up one of the trails in our back yard, but no one ever appeared.  They just flushed a coyote out of the wash into our back yard.  A while later, I spotted a horseback rider on the ridge, but I never saw where she climbed the hill, so I went down into the wash to follow the hoof prints.  I was curious as to what path she took.

There appeared to be the hoof prints of two, maybe three horses, and these riders did some serious bushwhacking.  They plowed right through thorny tree branches and bushes.  In a couple of places, there were prints under trees that had branches at the chest height of a horse, and there were no human foot prints, so the riders never even got off their horses to go under those low hanging tree branches.  I was baffled as to how they pulled that off.  The prints never turned up the hill.  They just kept going down the wash through other people's back yards.  Weird.

Here are some pictures I got of the full moon the other night...


TeresaA said...

It's good that you are on the mend. That is really weird with the hoof prints. I wonder what they were up to?

Linda said...

Are you sure the horses had a rider? Drones taking pictures sure gets into privacy issues. Just think what people could do with a drone, especially if they get more and more sophisticated. Kind of scarey. I saw what looked like a drone a few years ago. It was dusk and a white thing shaped like a small balloon was floating across our pasture. It traveled slightly above the horses, stopped between them, then continued a level path up and over the hill. There's much more to this story, but I'll stop there.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I do remember having a fleeting thought that someone's horses might have gotten loose, but for whatever reason, I didn't run down there to investigate. I think I was wiped out from our hike. I guess because I saw the rider on the ridge, I assumed she was one of the ones down in the arroyo. We've found loose horses in our back yard before. They were taking hits off my haystack. The owners showed up within minutes of us finding the horses, so we didn't have to knock on doors.

achieve1dream said...

I'm glad your arm is healing quickly.

Those pictures are incredible! Wow!