Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Just as my arm was getting better, I woke up with a knot in each calf, so I've been walking flat footed and avoiding stairs as much as possible the past few days.  Oh yeah, and my left knee has been on the verge of tearing.  I don't know what the heck is going on with my muscles.  There's a big lump on my arm, which leads me to believe that it wasn't a stress fracture, but a torn muscle, and the lump is the muscle bunched up.  Whatever.  I just want it all to be over with soon so that I can be mobile and functioning again.

The horse trainer came by to ride Gabbrielle.  I went out to pick up the mail and saw him riding her up the street instead of across it to the bridle trails.  My mouth dropped open in both awe and disbelief.  Gabbrielle is not good with unfamiliar surroundings, and this was a new route for her wrought with mailboxes, neighbors, vehicles, houses, and strange horses.

Yet she seemed to be walking calmly.  Her tail was arched a bit, but she was moving forward.  I figured those horses at the horse rescue would charge the fence and she'd take off running, so I was worried for the trainer's welfare.

He returned from his ride and reported that she only had a couple of spooks -- one at a bush that looked like the other hundred bushes they rode past, and one at a tire dumped on the side of the trail.  Then he mentioned that he rode past the horses up the road, and he was hoping they'd charge the fence.  I felt so much better knowing that he was aware of what he was getting himself into, and had it all planned out.  He said that one horse just walked up to the fence, and Gabbrielle sort of turned toward it like she wanted to go greet it, but he kept her on task.

I told him that I will probably have him take the other horses up that same route in the future.  One time I led Lostine past that horse rescue and she got so excited over seeing those other horses that she danced and pranced all the way home.  I struggled to lead her, because she forgot all of her ground manners.  I made a mental note to not try to ride past the place until I had hand walked each horse past it enough times for them to handle it without bouncing off the walls.

The thing is that some days people park blocking the gate across the street to the bridle trails, and then I'm annoyed because I can't ride a horse through there.  However, if my trainer can successfully get each of my horses up the street past the horse rescue and through a different gate, then I'd have more options of where to ride.

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achieve1dream said...

Your photos are so gorgeous! What amazing colors. So pretty.

I'm glad Gabrielle did so well going up the road! I hope that makes things easier regarding getting out on the trails. :D