Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post Holiday Snapshots

It was great to get the family together, but I'm glad that this holiday is over.  It's a lot of work to prepare for Christmas, and after a month of shopping, wrapping, cleaning, decorating and baking, it all explodes into one huge pile of shredded paper.  I learned a few things, like what I'm never going to do again.

I'm never going to bake these again...

They are orange cream cookies.  I started following the recipe around 10:00 AM on Christmas Eve, and finished frosting them at midnight.  They don't look that sinister, do they?  I should have read and comprehended the entire recipe before buying the ingredients.  It was basically, do this, and chill for three hours, do that, and cool for an hour, do this, and let set completely, do that and wait some more.  In the end, they all stuck to the cake tray and fell apart.

I made raspberry chocolate chip bars too, but they were just too sticky and rich to struggle with.  I suspect they'll end up the in trash, because not even I can eat them.  I wish I could be like the Pioneer Woman, but I'm not.

Another thing I learned is that hosting Thanksgiving for family and friends, planning and going on an anniversary trip, and then hosting Christmas for family and friends is just too much for me to accomplish in one month.  I don't handle stress well and need my regular, predictable routine interspersed somewhere in between.  I didn't get that between November and December, and my horses need to see me more often.

That last thing I learned is that I put too much pressure on myself in the first place, and the reality is that most other people don't give a rat's turd about things like how clean my house is, whether all things are equal in the world of gift giving, whether I bake treats or not, and stuff like that.  Although, my son did tease me about not having a real Christmas tree like most normal people.  I tried to compensate with Christmas lights, but he wasn't impressed.  I'd have to get rid of some furniture to make room for a tree, and I need all of our furniture so that company has room to sit.

One fun thing I did was finish a hook rug that my daughter started working on when she was a child, and never finished.  Now she is a first grade and special education teacher, so I finished the rug as a gift to her and her class.  She said she can use it as a reward and have the winning student sit on it.

I like to do crafts, but never know what to do with the products when I'm finished.  My daughter already has a butterfly tuck quilt hanging in her classroom that I made.  When you don't have grand kids, the next best thing is a classroom full of young children to make things for.

I thought this gift from my daughter and her boyfriend was hilarious...

It's a girl hugging her horse and saying, "I hate everyone too."

I gave and received other great gifts, but I knew that the horse people who read this blog would appreciate the socks.

The three days leading up to Christmas were jam-packed with last minute tasks, and of course, Rock had to come up lame on Christmas Eve, so I was down at the barn working on his hooves instead of doing what I had planned.  Within 24 hours of mud forming in a rainfall, Rock gets thrush, and within 24 hours of him forming thrush, he gets a hoof abscess.  So, I really need to be out there picking out his hooves and applying thrush treatment the second it starts raining.  I knew an abscess was coming because of all the mud we have, but I was so busy that I hoped we'd skirt by this time without one.  No such luck.

Mud is also a party pooper when you bust your butt to clean the floors and keep them clean until company arrives.  Tonight we've got bone-chilling winds with crazy gusts.  It took two of us to get the blankets on the horses, because no sooner would I get the blanket over the horse's back, and a wind would blow it up and spook the horse.  I needed someone to hold it down while I attached all the straps.

Right now all I want is a routine I can rely on, but once the Christmas decorations come down, tax season begins.  And the decorations aren't coming down until I get this gerd dang kink out of my neck, so I guess the taxes will have to wait.


TeresaA said...

Christmas can be stressful. about 6 years ago I decided that I would no longer try to do everything. I did what I wanted/could and the rest I didn't worry about. I now experience almost no stress. That said I had the flu this Christmas which totally sucked but everyone pitched in to help with dinner and I didn't eat too much so my pants still fit. :)

I love the cookie photo- it could go on Pinterest-fail websites. :) I love the rug. its adorable.

Cheryl Ann said...

That rug is adorable! Our daughter cooks for us on holidays and birthdays now, so we don't have to worry about fitting 10 people in our small house. Thank goodness! :-)
Stay warm and stay well.
~Cheryl Ann~

Crystal said...

I think Christmas is very stressful as well, I try to do as much ahead as I can but still. And then having family out to stay is not something I am used to so that's much in the last month and are kinda goofy. But its over now and life can go back to normal hopefully.

fernvalley01 said...

I need those socks! I find my skill at recipes is a bit inconsistent, sometimes they work out perfect, but they never seem to look quite like the photos

achieve1dream said...

Those socks are great! I love the rug you finished for her. The kids will love it so much!

Holidays can be very stressful. I couldn't get into the holiday spirit and had no money to spend on gifts (giving gifts is the best part!), so I just didn't do anything. It was actually really nice to do nothing haha.

I'm glad it all went well in the overall scheme of things. Sorry about Rock's abscess.

Isn't the weather so strange this winter??

Belated Merry Christmas!