Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Break in the Storms

Ironically, despite this being the first day in a week where the sun is shining, I overslept.  My husband woke me at something like 3:00 AM yelling at the pack of coyotes in our backyard to shut up, so I got up, ate an early breakfast, and fell back asleep only to wake hours after sunrise to find the dogs and horses had been fed and cared for in my absence.

My main goal was to pick out all that manure and mud from hooves and slather on the thrush treatment.  Everyone seems to be looking pretty good, except for Gabbrielle who has most of her frog rotted away on her right hind.

Sorry, Mom, for being so high maintenance.
I found myself in a bit of a conundrum because I used to keep scrunchies and other hair bands in my tack room so I could pull my hair back when working on hooves, however I kept forgetting to take them off, so I'd walk into the house, take them off at night, and leave them in the house.  As a result, I had nothing to pull my hair back with down at the barn.  I decided to make a trip back to the house and take care of that problem once and for all.

I brought an entire baggy of them down to store in the tack room.  That should last a few months before I have to transport another baggy back down to the tack room.  I've been trying to get an appointment to get my hair cut, but there are so many winter visitors in the area that I can't even get through to the receptionist to set up an appointment.  I suspect it will be a month's wait by the time I do get an appointment with my favorite salon.  My stylist did warn me to get my bi-annual cut before November and after March.  But my hair needs help now.

We went out to breakfast yesterday at our favorite restaurant in town and had to stand in line.  The lady behind us asked if it was always this busy.  I said, "Yes, but they are good about seating people quickly."

I could hear her sighing and huffing behind me, so I offered her a seat in the waiting area to let her know I'd save her space in line.  She declined.  She grumbled to her husband something to the effect of, "With all the money we've spent in this town in the past 48 hours, one would think they could get us seated before everyone else."

Wow.  Around here it is first come, first served.  I know that in some places bribes will get you to the front of the line if you come late, but people should be treated fairly and equally regardless of who can grease palms better.  Plus, it's not like everyone in town is connected and can send out a bulletin saying, "Keep an eye out for an older couple with gray hair and glasses.  They've been spending a lot of money in town and we want to make them happy."

They don't seem to get it that they are not the only people from cold climates seeking warmth in our area.  I've also heard quite a few people complaining about coming here for the sunshine and not finding it.  They say it with such indignation that I have to laugh.  It's not like those of us who live in Arizona can control the weather.  It also gives me hope that perhaps they won't bother to come back next year, which will help me get into my favorite salon and restaurant faster.  Hee hee.

Here is a shot of the flooding around my barn...

...and snow on the mountains...

Someone has always got to build a house on the top of a hill to ruin other people's views.

I finally remembered to take pictures of my tack room now that I've got most everything moved in there.

I still need to put up the peg board panels.  My husband put up the majority of the hardware.  Don't ask me why I have so many bridles and reins.  I don't know.  I guess I'm fussy about them, so I get a lot of them.  In my defense, some came with other products I brought as an incentive.

My new swinging upright saddle rack...

I have one other saddle, but I'm keeping it on a lower rack in the horse trailer so that I don't have to throw out my shoulder dealing with the top racks.

The other day Rock got the fitz and was galloping around the paddock, plowing through the puddles, leaping and bucking in mid-air.  I rarely see him move at all, so it was quite a treat.  I ran inside to get my camera, but he pooped out by the time I got the video started.

Here's a shot of him and Bombay having a showdown while Gabbrielle referees...

What cracked me up was that he kicked out at Gabbrielle several times in his fun, and now she is afraid of him.  She doesn't bully him around anymore, which I love.  A few days ago I was on the verge of sending her to Exile Island in the round pen because her bullying was getting dangerous again.  Rock now has half-moon hoof scars on both front legs thanks to her.  I hope that Rock enjoys his new found freedom and he continues to intimidate her, because I'm really enjoying not having to come to his rescue.  He's a powerful horse.  He should be able to hold his own.

I tried working out indoors on our gym equipment while it was raining, but I got bored easily.  It was nice to get out for a hike today.  I couldn't believe the number of hoof prints on the trails.  A lot of riders must have been itching to get out too.  Of course, I blew out my back handling hooves, which is why I didn't ride.  I need to start doing back strengthening workouts.

Someone stuck a stick in the ground so that it was pointing up at the sky and piled a bunch of rocks around it right where the trail head I use meets up with the main trail.  I know it is a trail marker, but does anyone know exactly what it communicates?  Is it telling them to turn there or stay on the main trail?  Or do you think some winter visitor on my street might have put it there to remind him of the way back home?


Crystal said...

People get really weird when they are not at home, we live in a summer tourist town and its awful I try not to go there at all in the summer unless I really have to.
I wish I was one of those people escaping snow and cold, I don't mind rain even as long as I can actually go outside and not freeze my skin. Of course I don't wanna be where people are either so its a tough choice.

Brenda said...

I looked it up because I was curious. Every now and then I see a bizarre stack of rocks. Anyway, it looks like it might be a "Trail Duck" and it indicates the direction to take on the trail. In your case, possibly the main trail.

Trail Ducks Edit
While use of the term "duck" or "cairn" is somewhat regional, a duck is generally a much smaller rock pile,[6] typically stacked just high enough to convince the observer it is not natural. For most, two rocks stacked could be a coincidence, but three rocks stacked is a duck. In some regions, ducks also contain a pointer rock (or couple of stacked rocks) to indicate the direction of the trail.

ellie k said...

I live near a retirement town here in Florida and I thought all the people were here, the traffic if terrible. We also have an Amazon shipping building here that employees about 2500 people in two 12 hour shifts, when they change shifts you cannot do anything, We live in a small town maybe 30,000 and the roads, stores and everything else cannot handle all the people. Even finding a seat in church(a good thing) is hard at times.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Haven't you heard Nuzz???

They're idnignant a-holes about it when telling us "You people couldn't survive here without us!" Apparently we hibernate during the summer???

Watch out for Iowa plates. Sad but tue, Iowa stands for- Idiots Out Wandering Around

I seen a bumper sticker once that said- "If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?" I was suprised because it was on a company truck.

There's another sticker that says, "Thank God for the heat, otherwise the snowbirds would be here year round.

I've dealt with them enough. No I'm not a fan of snowbirds, in case anyone couldn't tell. lol

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Crystal - I didn't know you live in a tourist town.

Brenda - Thanks for looking that up. I know those trails like the back of my hand and notice if anything at all changes on them. I don't see a whole lot of change between late spring and fall, but winter gets here and I find all kinds of evidence that people leave behind.

Ellie - Yeah, Florida is the snowbird state on the other side of the country. That's awful that Amazon makes people work in 12 hour shifts. I'm sure the employees are not happy about all having to get out of the parking lot at the same time. It must be like leaving a concert or sports stadium. Oh yeah, and I liked your previous comment about the neighbor with the nails. He sounds like a guy I'd like to know.

CNJ - I knew that would get you riled up. Ha ha!

Cheryl Ann said...

We, too, live in a resort area. Winters are HORRIBLE here...traffic, crowds, etc. I usually can't WAIT until about April 15 each year when they start to go HOME!!!
~Cheryl Ann~

achieve1dream said...

Good grief!! You guys are making me glad I live in the middle of nowhere in a place no one has ever heard of LOL!!

I wish I could have seen Rock running around and bucking. I bet it was awesome! I'm glad he has his bluff in on Gabrielle finally. :)