Tuesday, January 26, 2016

That's a New One

It amazes me how horse ownership is chock full of challenges, most of them unwanted.  Today I had one of those "firsts".  Every single water trough was down to the last drop.  Usually, one or two get low at a time, but not all five.  I spent over an hour cleaning all of them out and filling them up.  I was worried that there wasn't enough water in our well to fill them all.

The horses were walking from stall to stall kicking over the empty ones as if to tell me I missed a spot.

While waiting for the troughs to fill, I noted that all the mud we've had this month finally dried up and all the thrush and hoof abscesses were gone.  I had worked hard this past month creating a dam around the barn that should last a while and keep all the water out during the next rainfall.  The future was looking bright.

One trough overflowed a little bit.  A short time after that I went to the barn and found Rock with water dripping from his mouth.  I noted that he had sucked up a good amount of water, and I called him my water horse.  I said he needs his own personal river, because he loves water so much.  He was happily standing in the overflow.  When I ride him, he purposefully walks right through the middle of puddles because he enjoys getting his feet wet.  While petting him, he grabbed my coat collar with his lips and gently pulled me closer to him, so I gave him a hug.

Then tonight I went down to the barn to find Rock's stall completely saturated.  Mud everywhere.  Splish splash, he was taking a mud bath.  I tracked mud into the tack room after just sweeping all of the dried mud out.  I looked in the trough, and it was almost empty.  The dang thing sprung a leak where it rusted at the corner, and the horses helped it along by kicking it.  I was like, "Out of all the water troughs, why did it have to be the one in Rock's stall?  He's the one horse who always get hoof abscesses if he stands around in mud and wet manure."

Worse yet is that since I just filled all the water troughs, the only way I can get a working trough into his stall is if I bail all the water out of two of them.  That's 140 gallons down the drain.  Gabbrielle has two troughs in her stall, so I'd rather just give him an existing one than to go buy a new one.  The problem is that the two troughs in Gabbrielle's stall have electrical cords attached to deicers that come out of the plug holes, so I have to keep them in stalls with outside walls.  If a cord is lying in the paddock, the horses will chew it up.  So, I have to move one of Gabbrielle's troughs into Bombay's stall, and Bombay's trough into Rock's stall.  More complicated that I cared for it to be.

It's just amazing how quickly hard work can be canceled out by ridiculous circumstances.  Now I get to return to the jobs of treating thrush and cleaning mud off floors.  Yay me.


Grey Horse Matters said...

With any luck no one will get thrush. But I think you are going to be stuck cleaning the mud off the floors. Rock does sound like a water horse. Wonder how he would like going for a swim in a lake?

Cut-N-Jump said...

Shoppers had big RUBBER troughs for cheap. I bought a big one for like $60 and it has lasted thru the move and the last two years, easy to keep clean and it's been awesome. You might check into that before worrying about moving troughs around, only to have them rust out on you later.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

CNJ - You read my mind. I started thinking about all the wasted time and water moving troughs around, and just went out and bought a 100 gallon rubber one. I don't know how I ended up with these metal troughs. I think I bought them when I was low on cash and now I'm paying for it with the rust.

achieve1dream said...

I was going to suggest the rubber ones too. Mine works great! I'm glad you were able to get one. Moving the existing ones around sounds like way too much work lol.

I call Jackal my little elephant because he drinks so much haha. :)