Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Caught on Camera

Remember when I kept having problems with someone stealing my horses' Jolly Balls?  I was entertaining a variety of theories.  I was actually so tired of hunting those balls down out in the desert that I've been keeping them locked up in the tack room.

Anyway, Christine suggested that coyotes were stealing them, but I had never seen coyotes go through or past the barn to get to the arena where I kept the balls. However, when I found sharp tooth marks in one of the balls, I realized that the coyote theory was the most plausible.

Last night at dusk, Stewie growled at something outside.  I saw a coyote walk right up to the barn, crawl under the gate, walk right past the horses, and go out to the far end of the sandy arena, knowing very well that the area was fenced and it could not get away if cornered in there.  He or she was just sniffing around, probably following a bunny trail.

It was hard to take pictures because of the lack of natural light, so most of them came out blurry.  I also had to zoom in, which makes it more difficult to get the coyote in frame.  If I move the camera at all when pressing the shutter release, I risk getting a lopsided and blurry shot.

Wiley coyote

Snooping coyote

Ghostly coyote

Oops.  It saw me.  This picture is worth blowing up, because the eyes are so awesome.

Coyote casually wandering back out of the arena past the horses.
Once it got under the gate, it walked right past me like it had all the time in the world.  I think they are getting too comfortable around me.  The ravens also have decided that I am not a threat, so they hang out in the barn with me.  But when one of them brought a dead mouse in and tried dunking it in a water trough, I chased them off.  Then a Harris hawk tried to steal the mouse away from them.  The raven who had the mouse flew off to its nest.  The other raven chased the hawk away.

Rock is moving better this morning and Gabbrielle is leaving him alone, so we seem to have made it past this latest crisis of horse wars.


Linda said...

Wow. That coyote is gutsy. I'm not a big fan of coyotes because of the issues I've had with them and my barn cats, but since we got our irish wolfhound, we've had less issues. Great shot though! They're hard to catch in the act.

Cheryl Ann said...

I've never seen a coyote on the ranch property where I board my horses, but there are plenty of them around. It's mostly the owl and hawks who get the baby quail. Also, there is a raven family who live in one of the big oak trees and I always enjoy watching the young ravens learn how to fly!
Cheryl Ann

Crystal said...

We have lots of coyotes around here, we don't bother with them, we have cats they never bother them either. We don't really like them in the yard but we are lucky we can shoot them (not just at them cause they know) and they stay away for a while again.
That is a super shot of him looking at you, kinda a pretty coat they have

How Sam Sees It said...

The coyote's near my Mom stole one of the cushions off of her patio furniture and had a field day with it. It was actually fun to watch!