Wednesday, February 10, 2016

System Failure and Shut Down

Sometimes I feel like I'm in one of those Final Destination movies.  I did a tarot card reading for the month of February and turned up two cards that warned about accidents close to home.  If I stopped riding the horses every time I turned up a negative card, I'd never get to ride, so I just keep on riding and hope for the best.

When I slipped and fell across the street from my house, I thought that was the accident close to home and I was done having accidents for the month.  The cards also predicted that things were going to break down around the house.  Whenever that type of prediction comes up, I cringe, because our refrigerator has been humming awfully loud lately.

I had the problem with the water trough rusting out and leaking.  Then I had the problem with all of my manure forks breaking on the same day.  I began paying closer attention to my tack, thinking the cards would kill two birds with one stone should a rein or latigo break while I'm riding.

I got Bombay all tacked up and ready to go.

I stepped up onto the step stool to mount, and heard a crack, followed by an explosion of rotted plastic as I hit the ground feet first.  Bombay scooted sideways, and I stood there absorbing the pain in my back and neck while shaking my head in disbelief.

When I was younger, I'd laugh my butt off over something like this, but now I just say, "Ouch!" and "Really?"

I tried out a couple of other step stools for mounting, but they were too short and one had a tall handle that was in the way, just waiting for me to hook my boot under it while attempting to swing my leg over.  I gave up and just lunged Bombay in the round pen.

Then I went to the feed store and bought a real mounting block.

Yes, it's plastic and it will rot someday too, but hopefully I'll get a few years out of it.  Note that I picked purple.  Pretty soon everything in my tack room is going to be purple.  That's three trips I've made to the feed store in a very short span of time.  I think I'm going to have to start inspecting the quality of everything in my tack room from this point forward, or at least until the tarot deck turns up more positive cards.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I almost forgot the funniest part of the story. While I was tacking up Bombay, he stiffened up and went on alert with a worried expression. I heard a noise and looked around to see a ground squirrel running between Bombay's legs dragging a dried up orange rind along the ground. I followed it, and it was not going to drop that orange rind for anything, even though I could have easily reached down and picked up the squirrel or pounced on it. It was gone by the time I thought to grab my camera.

Linda said...

That's funny! Glad you're okay, and hope that's the last accident close to home. Sounds like Bombay is "bomb" proof. Great photos of him!

lytha said...

I've been unable to find a mounting block for sale in this country like that. Bombay is soooooo gorgeous.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - Bombay is so experienced with my kids and I tripping and falling down around him that he just expects us to do something clutzy. He's also good with little animals. They tend to flock to him. I used my real camera this time instead of the helmet-mounted GoPro.

Lytha - I feel for your lack of horse supplies in Germany. They had a hot pink mounting block on display that people had been trying out, and the top was dented in like a bowl. It's only two inches taller than my stool, but I felt dizzy standing on it. Although that's probably because I seem to be coming down with the flu. Bombay smells good too. I bathed him a few weeks ago and his mane is silky smooth. He rarely stays clean this long.

Crystal said...

Oh I hate that, seems like everything breaks at once and just when you want to use it. I gave up on buying a mounting block and just made my own, it seems to work so far as long as I don't move it too much cause its heavy