Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Macro at Work

So much is in bloom at the moment that I had to take a few moments to photograph a variety of flowers around the neighborhood.

I have a couple of funny horse stories from this week...

Up until yesterday's wind and today's rain, the flies have been an absolute nuisance, so I was keeping fly masks on the horses during the day.  One afternoon Rock was playing around with the manure wagon while I was cleaning the stalls, and somehow he managed to get the tab of the Velcro on his fly mask stuck on the string that holds the handle of the wagon in place.

I put that string there so that the handle wouldn't fall on the horses' legs when they played with the wagon.  When Rock lifted his head, the entire 70-pound wagon came up with his head.  He got an alarmed expression on his face and raised his head even higher, lifting the wagon all the way off the ground.  At that point he took off running with this wagon hanging from his head!

It was so bizarre.  It was one of those one-in-a-million freak accidents that no one could possibly imagine, none-the-less predict.  Fortunately, the wagon fell off his face after a few strides, and he quickly spun around to stare at it and give it a dirty look.  Being curious as he is, he tried a repeat performance and did not succeed, thankfully.

Then there was Bombay.  I had fed the horses earlier than normal, so I left the fly masks on while they ate their dinner.  I walked out with a flashlight late at night to let them out of their stalls.  I was half-asleep at the time.  I began opening up stall gates when Bombay pressed his face into my chest and pinned me to a stall panel.  He then raised his face up to my face and stared at me eye-to-eye.

I wondered what this strange behavior was all about until I realized that he was asking me to take off his fly mask.  Once I did that, he walked out of his stall.  He knew I would forget.  I think that horse knows me better than I know myself.

This picture above is of this really cool spot on our property.  This tree provides a huge canopy of shade, and makes a carpet of yellow flowers underneath and around it in the spring time.  The bunnies love to hop around down there.  It's their secret wonderland.


ellie k said...

The flower pics are beautiful. It seems we have so many things blooming now and the citrus trees are in full bloom. It smells so sweet when I go out. My husband was the yard person and he would be so proud of his plants right now. My kids have lawn service for me now so mostly I just enjoy the beauty of it all.
Rock is so funny and his trick is a once in a life time probably.

Crystal said...

Haha horses they make me laugh and freak out at the same time.
Love that spot with the yellow flowers looks perfect for a garden bench. I love flowers close up, specially since ours are still hibernating

Mrs Shoes said...

Your photographs always leave me in awe of your talent!

Linda said...

Your flowers are lush! That's funny about wanting his fly mask off and pinning you against the wall until you understood him. Horses are smarter than we give them credit for.