Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rare Form

The horses were in rare form today.  I was gone most of the day, but managed to get a photo shoot of my husband trying to spread sand.  I was laughing the whole time.

Crowding the work crew.

Trying to push Rock out of the way while Gabbrielle tries to tip over the wheelbarrow.

Still trying to push Rock out of the way.  He lives up to his name in so many ways.
My husband is much gentler than I am with the horses.  If they get in my way I charge them with my claws out and my teeth bared.

Rock trying to help by taking charge of the shovel.

Rock inspecting the damage after he knocked over the shovel.

I'm sure that Rock is being chastised here, and he's loving every bit of it.

Pushing the wheelbarrow through the horse slalom.

At least the new wheelbarrow handles like a dream.  Otherwise, the horses would be in big trouble.

Surrounded by pests.

Rescuing the shovel again.

Shoveling around Lostine as she stands right where he needs to work.  At least she's not pooping.  They always poop right where I'm working.

Bombay and Gabbrielle snickering in the background.
Actually, once Lostine stepped into the picture, she was trying to help.  She could tell the horses were pestering my husband, so she chased Bombay and Gabbrielle away from him.  Rock doesn't respect her, though, so he continued to pester.

We've got two wheelbarrows and a wagon and we can easily have all three in use at the same time.  Two of the wheelbarrows have wooden handles that are cracking and one got a flat tire today, so we decided to just go buy a heavy duty wheelbarrow with metal handles and a solid tire.  The manager at Shopper's Supply was kind enough to give us the sale price, even though the sale was over.

Rock was so funny at feeding time.  I was trying to keep him out of his stall until I cleaned it, and he kept inching his way in.  I'd say STAY in a firm tone, and he'd stand still at attention with his head up high and his ears on me.  But he always that that glimmer of laughter in his eye.  The second I'd look away to pick up more manure, he'd take another step closer to me.  I shoot upright and bark STAY, and he'd freeze like a good soldier.  It went on and on like that.

Then when I brought him his hay, he was slobbering all over the place, because just the anticipation of eating hay gets his salivary glands going.  When I approached with pellets, he ran in circles nickering.  Even after I poured his pellets, he was nickering while he was eating them.  It was so cute.

In my next post I'll write about where I went today.


anita said...

That's the way our silly horses behave anytime we try to work around them, too. It's funny but a big pain as well.

TeresaA said...

That was amusing. Horses are so very curious.

I also laughed at you and Rock playing 'red light/green light' - played that as kid it was fun.

Mrs Shoes said...

I can just imagine that look of pure inocence on his face too, "What? Who ME?"