Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dog Day

All the dogs got baths today, and they smell wonderful!

I hooked them up to long leashes tied to the porch railing so that the sun could dry their fur.

Midge's leash was long enough for her to get down the steps and lay in some dirt and rocks.  None of my work lasts very long around here.

She has recently lost most of her hearing, as well as some of her eyesight.  I kept calling to her, but she wouldn't come.  So, I banged on the railing, and sure enough, she felt the vibration and looked all around.  I waved to her and it took a while for her eyes to find me, even though I was only about ten-feet away.  Then she came.

Scrappy is mostly blind and deaf too, but he's so in tune with me that he always knows when I've left the room and he comes looking for me, even if he was just in a deep sleep.  Sometimes he sits at the door waiting for me to come inside when I am already inside.

They all got their teeth brushed, and I clipped Midge's toenails.  I have to take the boys in to a salon for the pros to clip theirs, because they fight too hard.

Yesterday I received notification from my dog food supplier that the vet who prescribed the glucose management dog food for Midge will no longer renew her prescription.  I managed to get us out of "the system" by switching her to an over-the-counter insulin that does not require $500+ well checks every couple of months for a prescription renewal and another $150 per bottle.  I also found a pharmacy that doesn't keep track of how many boxes of syringes I buy, so I don't have to be worried about being turned away because I'm buying syringes "too soon".  The final step is to get her onto non-prescription dog food that works for glucose management.  I ordered a couple of brands to try them out.   Then I should only have to take her to see the vet when she needs to see the vet, as opposed to when her prescriptions run out.  This move is saving us thousands of dollars a year.

Yesterday I saw a ground squirrel attacking a snake.  I ran outside to get a picture of it, but the squirrel took off and the snake didn't move.  It turned out to be a dead snake with its head and tail chopped off.  I suspect that a person killed the snake and a bird carried it over and dropped it on my driveway.  It's gone today.  Someone must have ate it.

Hey you!  Stop taking my picture!
The ravens have been a nuisance about dropping dead animals into the water troughs.  As soon as I clean out a trough and re-fill it, they drop something else in there.  One day I wasn't feeling well and decided to just not bother.  The horses had other troughs they could drink out of.  By the time I did clean out that trough, the water was red from all the blood.  Another time they dropped a dead bird that had just eaten a lot of bread into a trough and the entire surface of that 75 gallon tank had bread floating in it.

The horses haven't been much help either, because as soon as I clean and fill a trough that the ravens destroyed, the horses drop their toys in it and dirty the water.  I'm thinking of taking their toys away next time I clean and fill the troughs, although I'm not filling them to the top anymore.  I've just resigned myself to only putting in 4 to 6 inches of water every day.  It's just too hard and such a waste of water to have to bail out 75 to 100 gallons.

A cactus wren had babies in our saguaro, so I hear this echoing tinny sound coming from the inside of the cactus.

This same woman keeps driving up to the fence at the back of our property and walking around there while talking on her phone.  This has become such a habit with her that my husband and I have been speculating over why she does this.  It seems like she's trying to hide from someone and wants to have a private conversation.  We decided that she's having an affair.  I've gone out there and took pictures of her to try to discourage her from hanging out in our backyard, but she's always so engrossed in her phone conversations that she doesn't notice me.  Technically, she parks on the easement, but when she crosses beyond the fence, she's definitely in our backyard.  I think next time she comes around, I'll sneak up on her and try to eavesdrop to see if we are right about the affair.  And if she catches me, all the better.  She'll be sure not to come back.  Ha ha!

I'm all ears... well, what's left of them anyway.


Crystal said...

Haha the gopher shaking his fist at you is too cute!
And yes catch that lady sounds suspicious to me

Mrs Shoes said...

That you can hear the little birds inside the cactus is pretty neat. Wow, Mr. Bunny sure has some gnarly ears. If he were Canadian I'd guess that he suffered some frostbite, but since y'all live in a warmer world, I wonder what caused such damage to his ears? Littermates chewing on them, or fighting maybe?

Fun snake fact (heard on a nature program recently): Did you know that chopping the head off a snake kills only the body? Because of their slow body systems, the brain can remain active (& register pain) for up to an hour. To kill the brain you have to deliver a blow straight into it, such as a direct stab into the head to put it out of it's misery.

Olivia said...

Have you thought about getting the little automatic waterers? They only hold a few cups of water at a time and refill themselves. We have them in all of our stalls and in the turnout.

Tina said...

I had a old towel so I tied a knot in it in the middle and gave it to my horses...won't do that again...LOL! It shredded the first hour. They were playing tug o war and pulling with all their might and RIP! They both fell was hilarious!

Linda said...

The birds in the saguaro are too cool!! Great photos. You have a little animal paradise with your sweet dogs, horses and wildlife. Thousands of dollars per year savings? That is amazing!! I hope it works out!!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Olivia - I have, and there were several reasons not to go with the automatic waterers. I don't remember right now exactly what they all were, but they created other problems... like my horses love to chew on cords and hoses, and my well breaks down constantly.

Mrs Shoes said...

I was wondering if water bowls could be rigged to barrels, using gravity to fill the bowl?
We keep pigs in the summertime & they love their auto-water bowl, but I have to run a hose all the way through the barnyard for it, so I've been trying to think of some better way to fill the bowls.
I hate that their water is always warm though (because of the temp of the hose laying out in the sun). Burying a pipe with the hose threaded through it is the best idea I've been able to come up with so far.
Any thoughts?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mrs. Shoes - Yeah, burying a pipe and having a short hose might keep it cool. I've been playing around with your strainer idea. I was thinking of constructing something with tight mesh and a frame with handles, setting it on the bottom of the water trough, then lifting it out to dump all the dead animal parts. It won't work with all the bread, but should catch the meat. The problem is that I have five water troughs that are all different sizes and different brands. Some are not perfect ovals on the bottom, but have one or two drain indentations, so I'd have to customize five of them to cover all the troughs, and that would cost a lot of money in materials. I was hoping to invent something I could sell to people who have similar problems, but there are just too many models of water troughs. I may get stuck just having to use a fish net and chase the debris around.