Thursday, April 14, 2016

Oh, What a Relief It Is

Yes!  The gods cooperated with me today and showed some mercy, so I was able to go trail riding on Rock.  First, I hiked out a little ways into the desert to make sure the bee swarms moved on.  It was silent -- just the way I like it.

I took the time to stretch out, because I could feel my right leg locking up after that little walk.  I sat with the soles of my feet together, and could press my left knee to the floor, but the right knee was sticking way up and there was too much pain on the outside of my thigh and hip to push it down.  However, by the end of the stretch period, I had a lot more flexibility and less pain.

As I was on my way out the door, I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to call the property manager of my house in Nevada and have them arrange to get the septic tank pumped.  I stupidly decided to call right then before I forgot, and of course no one was available to take my call.  The secretary kept trying to send me to someone's voicemail, and I had to stop her.  I said, "I'm leaving right now and can't answer if someone calls me back, so I don't want to leave any messages.  I'll call back when I can get a live person."

You could tell that my method was throwing her for a loop.  I didn't want to go into great detail about how I've desperately wanted to ride a horse for weeks and now that I've finally got the time, I don't want it thwarted or interrupted by a game of telephone tag.  For some reason, I can never just call a person and get something taken care of.  It always turns into a huge production with a lot of communications going back and forth.

If I remember, I turn my volume off when I ride the horses, but sometimes I forget, and if the phone rings too loud, it spooks the horse.  Then it keeps ringing and the horse is running around trying to get away the sound while I'm trying to dig my phone out of its holster to stop the ringing and control the horse at the same time.  I just prefer that people not call me back, but I call them when it's convenient for me.  If they're not there, because it's not a convenient time for them, that's fine.

I recently turned off the notification sounds for text messages all together, because Amazon has been obnoxious about reminding me to use my Prime benefits and to continue listening to some music track I stopped in the middle because I was busy.  Now my phone vibrates when I get a notification or text message and somehow that's worse.  That freaks the dogs out.  The horses think it's a fly pestering them.  The battery on my mobile phone has been running down quickly and requiring a charge twice a day, and it's built into the phone, so I may be due for a newer, smarter phone that will actually mean "none" and I pick "none" for what I want to hear and feel when someone sends a message.  To me, "none" means no tune and no vibration, period.  It will also be nice to have a feature that allows me to block certain callers.

No sooner did I start tacking up Rock when I heard a truck making a ruckus somewhere nearby.  I looked up and saw that it was a city truck blocking the gate to the bridle trails.  I blurted out to myself, "Are you kidding me?  I've been waiting all week for a moment to ride, and you guys have to do trail maintenance right now?"

I was so discouraged.  I was really beginning to feel like the universe hated me and did not want me to be happy.  I tacked up Rock anyway, hoping they'd be gone by the time I was ready to ride, and they did leave.  However, later I saw the power company's cranes out there putting up power poles and I nearly flipped out.  I've had two falls and two springs ruined by those trucks, cranes, and men with power tools on the bridle trails.  You'd think they'd be done by now.  As we got closer to the cranes, I realized that they were actually on a street next to the trails, and not on the trails themselves, which made me feel better.  At least I shouldn't have to deal with low flying helicopters surveying the power lines where I ride.

Anyway, my ride on Rock was pretty darn near close to perfect.  He was so well behaved.  I could even steer him around cholla balls and saplings.  He did have one tiny spook when the wind picked up and rattled something in a bush.  He just jumped away from it and spun to face it.  Right after that, two hares ran across the trail in front of us, but that didn't scare him.  We also saw the raven's nest packed with babies, a vulture eating something off to the side of us, and a roadrunner trotting around.

This is the second ride I've had on him recently in which he did not rush home, so I petted and praised him a lot.  He also kept stopping whenever I'd shift my weight in the saddle, which was a pleasant surprise when you consider that I couldn't stop him at all last month.  I think he's ready to be ridden by less experienced riders now.

Yay, Rock!


Mrs Shoes said...

You wrote:" I just prefer that people not call me back, but I call them when it's convenient for me. If they're not there, because it's not a convenient time for them, that's fine."

That's my thoughts too!

Linda said...

Rock rocks! It sounds like he really wants to be together with you and even help you out when he can. Nice work!!

Crystal said...

Yay!! Love it when things turn out :) And a perfect ride too. I wish I had desert to ride in but got prairie its almost the same

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I spoke too soon. Yesterday there was a low flying helicopter going up and down the power lines along the bridle trails. I guess they're not done. I can't imagine what else they can do. They've replaced every rotting pole and all the other hardware.