Monday, May 16, 2016

An Excursion

I went mountain biking today and knocked some cholla balls off a trail where one of my neighbors keeps sprinkling them, because it runs in front of his house.  There are bushes and probably about about 500 yards between the trail and his property, but I guess he just doesn't want people using it.  It's public land, and unless the guy is a part of some trail maintenance team appointed by the city, he really has no business doing that.  He can sprinkle cholla balls all over his own property if he wants, but he shouldn't buy a house across the street from hiking, biking and bridle trails if he doesn't want people to use them.  I have enough experience out there on the trails to know the difference between wind blown cholla and human placed cholla.

I wasn't planning on riding a horse today because I was sore from mountain biking, but then I remembered that tomorrow I have one morning appointment and one afternoon appointment that are one of these situations where I have to just wait around within a six hour period and the person shows up at his or her convenience.  That means I can't be out riding horses tomorrow.

So, I dragged Rock out of the barn, and I do mean dragged.  Oh my gosh!  He was in rare form when it comes to his laziness.  That's what I get for giving him a week off while I rode the other horses.

As we were going up the driveway, I stopped to listen because I heard a loud engine off in the distance.  Once I was confident that the vehicle was not on our street, I continued on.  Right before we reached the road, my neighbor in the loud truck hauling his big ass trailer came roaring up.  I stopped Rock, waited for him to pass, and then crossed.  Can you tell I'm urging my horse to hurry while he crosses the street?

I've opened up the door.  Go, man go!  The truck driver was turning around to come back our way.  Rock was so distracted that he approached the narrow gate sideways.  I had to pick the lesser of two evils, which was the truck, so I circled him back toward it in order to straighten him out going through the gate on our second approach.

He was snatching branches off bushes all the way out, and no amount of scolding and spanking affected him or changed his behavior.  Sheesh.  I could see it was going to be one of his stubborn days.  I'm not sure why I was looking at the ground here...

He kept tripping.  His toes are getting long and he's due for another trim.

While we were out, I saw that the graffiti artist graduated on from painting religious jargon on rocks to painting it on trees now.  I wish I could throttle some people.  Ever heard of "leave no mark behind?"

I pet my horses whenever they let out a long sigh.

My ankle cramped up and I pushed hard to keep riding.  When we got home, I did this bizarre dismount because my ankle cramp prevented me from pulling my foot out of the stirrup.  Normally, I pull my foot out before hitting the ground, but this time I started going down and had to pull myself back up over the saddle to pull my foot out before I tore my groin muscles.  When I let go, I hit the ground too hard and pulled some muscles between my shoulder blades.  I had planned to pick out Rock's hooves and put thrush treatment on them, but now I can't bend over and hold his hooves, so that will have to wait for another day.

I've been keeping a fitness journal in which I record my diet, exercise, medications, pain level, health problems, and injuries for each day, because I'm tired of getting odd symptoms and not remembering why.  It's a way for me to diagnose why I get such strange muscle and nerve issues and whatnot, so that I can take a pro-active approach to preventing them in the future.

Anyway, now that I've got an iPhone, I've discovered that there are all kinds of apps that can help me track that stuff.  I don't have to start up my laptop and wait several minutes to type into a Word document anymore.

I remembered to wear my Garmin watch and heart rate monitor when biking and horseback riding.  I was impressed that my heart rate was so slow when riding Rock.  I guess his laziness was putting me to sleep.  I released him just inside the barn gate, and he fell asleep right there.  He didn't move a muscle from where I left him.  He's so funny.

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