Saturday, May 7, 2016

An Installment of Ranch News

I probably should name this ranch.  I just call it "the ranch".  Anyway, we got our new refrigerator.  That's exciting for me, because it's one of those things you only experience a few times throughout your life.  The delivery was a bit of a fiasco.  We wanted them to deliver it on a day my husband was home, and they wanted to deliver it early, probably because their strongest delivery man would have put in too many hours by the end of the week and wouldn't be allowed to work, and this was their heaviest appliance.  Also, my husband had turned off his phone, and we did not receive any of the messages that they would be arriving at the crack of dawn, so we had just rolled out of bed and were vegetating with our cups of coffee when I heard the trash truck come up the street.

Wait.  It's not trash day.

I looked out the glass door and saw a Lowe's truck in our driveway.  I dove off the couch and grabbed dogs left and right, shuttling them into a back bedroom.  My husband ran into his closet to get dressed.  The delivery men were disappointed that we hadn't emptied our old fridge before they arrived.  They knew they were coming stinking early, so they stopped for breakfast to give us a little more time to prepare for them, but we didn't have a clue they were coming.

Right off the bat there was a problem.  They said that this was a huge fridge and they wouldn't be able to get it through our front door.  Dang!  We were so diligent about measuring and re-measuring the alcove for the fridge itself to make sure it would fit, but didn't consider how to get it into the house.  So, I showed them that our back door is French doors that can be opened wide, but they'd have to either get the fridge up a staircase or over a wall.

"Not going to happen," one of them said.

So, I showed the the garage entrance, but they couldn't remove the spring loaded hinges on the door, and the corners were too tight.  We were out of options, short of knocking a hole in the wall of our house.

You see, I have a defense mechanism to keep myself sane when crap like this happens.  I just smile and say, "Well, while you figure out that puzzle, I'll be emptying the old fridge."

I remain optimistic that there is a way, and I refuse to budge from that belief.

I started this behavior after having to move six times within a few months between 2011 and 2012.  First, I had to move my parents' stuff into our home, then move out of our old home into our new home, then move my daughter from school to the new home, do the same for our son, then move each of them back out after summer.  So much ridiculousness happened that I nearly let myself have a nervous breakdown from all the stress.  Since then, I've recovered and found ways to not freak out to the extent that I used to.

It turned out that the reason why they didn't think they'd get it in the front door was because the in-frame screen was sticking out.  But my husband knew how to remove the entire frame and was able to help.  They each put in some tool parts and worked together to get it done.  My husband also pried the floor molding out of the refrigerator alcove, so now we have a huge, luxury fridge and freezer in our house.

Most of our refrigerated goods fit in the doors.  We almost don't need all that interior space.

The freezer is super deep with three levels.  It has a lot more room than our side-by-side had.  The LED lighting is so bright that when I got a midnight snack after being woken by thunder and hard rain, I was blinded.  I'm so excited that next winter when the snowbirds are taking up all the parking spaces and shopping carts at the grocery store, I won't have to make weekly trips and battle them.  This monster will probably hold several weeks worth of food.

Despite us talking to people and putting up No Trespassing signs, we still have problems with trespassers four years after moving into this house, so I decided to get smart about the problem in a way that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg.  I talked to several of them to figure out their mentality and discovered that people pay more attention to existing trails than they do to No Trespassing signs.  If they can clearly see that other people have come through there, they follow the trail.

We have two main trails created by hikers, horseback riders, ATVs, and dune buggies on our property.  The trick is to cover up those trails while no one is using them between May and October, so that when the snowbirds return to traipse all over my backyard, they'll see nothing but tree branches and new growth blocking their path.  So, we've been dragging pruned tree branches across the trails and piling them up.  The tree branches should provide places for wild seeds to come to rest, so that stuff can grow there.  I'm excited over the prospect of being able to ride my horses in my backyard again without dealing with random strangers popping up out of the bushes and spooking them.

I have these cords I used to strap the stall gates open.  I toss them on the ground when the gates are closed, like when the horses are eating.  I go down to the barn late at night with a flashlight to open the stalls and let the horses out.  The sand in the arena is softer for them to sleep on than the D.G. in their stalls.

Anyway, now that it is snake season, I've been hesitant about just reaching down and feeling around on the ground for the cords at night.  I've tried to remember to shine a flashlight on the cord before picking it up.  Sure enough, last night I caught a glimpse of a tail right next to a cord.

At first I thought it might be a banded gecko because it was so small, but then I saw that it was a baby king snake trying to curl up next to the horses' salt block.  I didn't want to let the horses out and have them step on it, so I went in the house to get a grabber stick.  I'm sure I could have just picked up the snake and carried it to safety, but I'm still not totally educated on all the snake species around here.  I didn't want there to turn out to be some venomous snake that looks like a king snake.  We need king snakes and bull snakes around here to keep the rattlesnake population in check.

First, I picked up the cord with the grabber.  Then my husband used it to herd the snake out of the barn.  It wasn't ideal for picking up such a tiny snake.

Anyway, the little guy made it to safety, and I was able to let the horses out of their stalls.  Another happy ending.


Janice L. Grinyer said...

"it's one of those things you only experience a few times throughout your life"


I will be able to look at nor ever take advantage of my frig in the same way ever again... :D

Camryn said...

My son & DIL have the same fridge & love it.

ellie k said...

That is a nice frig. lots of room. I have been shopping for one but not found it yet. I like that new slate color so it might be that. I put coffee in my micro wave this morning to reheat and it came out cold, tried again still cold so I guess that will be my next purchase. It is a built in unit over the oven, I hope I can get just the micro and not the whole unit.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Janice - I've rented most of my life, so I haven't had many fridges I can call "my fridge".

Camryn - Good to know.

Ellie - If they have to replace the whole unit, try getting just a little microwave from some place like Walmart that you can set on the counter if you have room. We actually keep one above the stove and one on the counter so we can cook two things at once. The counter top ones need to be replaced every few years, but they are so affordable.

Brenda said...

Congrats on the new fridge. It's so shiny and new. And hurray for moving the snake to safety so the horses didn't accidentally step on it.

lytha said...

My parents got a new fridge, looks like yours, but once installed they started to hate it. I call it angry fridge. If you hold the door open more than just a couple seconds, it starts beeping at you. And then it escalates into this unbearable beeping. It happened to me a lot cuz I like to organize things and I was constantly organizing their fridge: )

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Brenda - Thanks.

Lytha - Ours has a chime too. It doesn't give you more than a few seconds to get what you need before it goes off. I suspect that is part of what qualifies it as being an Energy Star. Our fridge does have a way to turn it off. We just haven't looked into it yet. Ours even has wi-fi so you can control it with your smartphone. Ha ha. I don't plan to be using that, because once I have a fridge set up the way I want it, I usually don't change the controls and temperatures for the rest of its life.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the reason why I haven't turned the alarm off yet is because some people reported in their reviews that the doors don't close easily, so I want to make sure we are closing the doors correctly before turning it off. So far, so good. Ours has a strong seal.

Mrs Shoes said...

I officially have *Fridge Envy* right now. I HATE our useless side-by-side & have actually fantasized about its' demise.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mrs. Shoes - I can totally understand that. We were expecting our old fridge to die right after we moved in, but it kept going for another four years. We finally decided that when the ice dispenser broke, the whole thing was good as broke.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ugh! I forgot that whenever we make a major purchase within a few days we either lose our jobs or something bigger breaks down. Now our car is broken down. We'll have to have it towed on Monday when the repair shop is open. What is it with animals only getting sick and injured, and major things breaking down only on Sundays and holidays when we can't get help?

TeresaA said...

I get excited by new appliances too! I like your approach to let them figure it out. The snake is beautiful I'm glad that he/she is safe.

Crystal said...

Oh I love that fridge. Similar to ours but the freezer wow, 3 shelves oh I can only dream about that. Glad ours isn't so complicated, no beeps or wifi or anything crazy like that.

Brenda said...

We found out the hard way that the freezer drawer on our second fridge doesn't always close all the way so I'm always keeping an eye out to make sure it's closed after someone gets in there. Neither of ours have an alarm.