Monday, May 9, 2016


A lot of odd things have been happening lately.  One evening I took the dogs outside to do their business, but Stewie was having some kind of problem that caused him to keep asking to go outside every 15 minutes.  My husband took them out 15 minutes after I did, and he came racing back into the house dragging the dogs behind him because he heard something snorting and rooting around in the bushes in the dogs' yard.  I was just too tired to get up to go investigate and he was too scared to go back out there.  The next morning the dogs dragged me to those bushes and we found a dove that had its head bitten off.

We figured it had been attacked by a javelina, and when my husband interrupted its meal by bringing the dogs outside, it left without finishing the dove's body.  I had to relocate the dead dove, because its smell was distracting the dogs from being able to do their business, so I picked it up with a manure fork and flung it in the direction of some bushes in the distance.  Much to my shock, the dove landed in a tree, and perched there upright without its head.  How weird is that?

Another oddity is that when our car wouldn't start, we attempted to jump the battery, but it wouldn't respond, so we had to get it towed.  The tow truck driver said the battery was strong.  However, the repair shop said that the battery needed to be replaced.  Apparently, even the best quality car batteries die in the Arizona heat after just one or two years.

Anyway, while the tow truck driver was pushing the car out of the garage while I steered, he told me to brake.  I pressed on the brake and the car kept rolling backwards faster and faster.  The tow truck driver was chasing after me, trying to climb in the driver's side door to help me get it stopped.  I jammed the brake pedal hard all the way to the floor and the car finally slowed to a stop.  He looked at the brakes and told me to ask the shop to inspect them.  The shop said that the pads were almost completely worn off.  So, even though we wasted 80 bucks on a tow truck when we could have replaced the battery ourselves, we wouldn't have known how bad the brakes were worn without taking that path to get the car fixed.

While picking up the car from the shop, we drove around a mall and noticed two mall cops crossing the street in front of us.  On the way back, I saw that now there were four mall cops congregating on the side of the road.  Then I saw why they were there.  An elderly woman managed to run off the road and right up over a fire hydrant.  The fire hydrant was speared through her engine block.  All I could figure out was that she either forgot to put on her parking brake and the car rolled into that location, or she thought she put it in reverse to back out of her parking spot and drove forward right up the curb and over the fire hydrant.

Another odd occurrence happened in Denny's where we stopped to eat dinner and kill some time in order to avoid an accident that was clogging the freeway during rush hour.  A table of people got up to go pay their bill at the register, and there was this very slow moving elderly man with a cane bringing up the rear.  I noticed that he had two hospital bands around his wrist.  I thought that perhaps this was his first real meal after being sprung from the hospital.  He moved like he was in great pain.

Denny's was playing upbeat music from the 1950's through their speaker system.  We got up to pay our bill and when I turned around, there was the old guy with the cane dancing to the music in the alcove of the restaurant.  He was so cute, and seeing him dancing after I had just seen him moving in obvious pain, made me so happy.  I thought, "If he can pull that off after just getting out of the hospital, then I can dig deep and muster up the energy to dance too, even when my hips and knees are killing me."

Unfortunately, instead of going home and exercising to work off the 2000 calories I probably consumed during that meal, I fell into a food coma.  I'll start my weight loss and energy rejuvenating program tomorrow.  Right now I need to sleep.

But first, the final oddity involves our rock walls...

Several people who have visited our barn recently asked questions about our rock walls.  They say it seems to be a popular motif used just locally in our area.  They like the stone walls and want to make some on their own properties.  I mentioned that the concrete is crumbling, so the walls are very loose and unstable.  Well, today I walked outside to find both small and large rocks knocked right off the walls that landed several feet away.  Sometimes the rabbits knock a few pieces off, but they land at the bottom of the wall.  These rocks looked like they were thrown by something that hit them hard.  Maybe the javelina when it was running away?  Maybe another gustnado?  Maybe one of those alien toads that poop bigger than any of my dogs?  Who knows.  Not a whole lot surprises me anymore.

(If there are any typos, I'll fix them in the morning.  Must.  Sleep.  Now.)

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Crystal said...

How weird specially about the dove. And glad you got your brakes fixed that coulda been you on the hydrant otherwise.