Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sedative Wednesday

It was a quiet day at the ranch as most of the horses were taken down a notch by sedation, dental work, medical exams, and vaccinations.  There were four ladies setting up a ton of equipment in one stall when Rock came moseying in to inspect everything.  I'm sure he thought that the nice ladies were bringing a bunch of toys for him to play with.  They got a kick out of his curiosity.  I had to rescue the dental hose.

Rock and Bombay were rated as 6's on the conditioning chart, and Gabbrielle was an 8!  The equine dentist took down the weight of each horse she worked with.  Lostine didn't need any dental work.  Rock is 938 pounds.  Bombay is 893 pounds.  Petite little 14.3-hand Gabbrielle is a whopping 985 pounds!  I feel like I hardly feed her anything, but she's a got a unique metabolism, so I need to be more conscientious about her diet.  She's insulin resistant.

The vet found a tumor growing on Rock's belly that I never noticed, and her assistant found two lumps way up inside of Bombay's sheath that could be melanomas.  They are both on the watch list.

I had the vet check out Bombay's spinal alignment, because he's been dipping his back down when I groom him.  She said he looked pretty good from a chiropractic standpoint.  Just his right shoulder was a little sore, which could be corrected by mounting from both sides to even out the pressure.

The vet was kind enough to give me a discount and not charge me for two sheath cleanings because she said I've been taking good care of my horses and deserve a break.  I also noticed that she didn't charge me for the sedatives, even though Bombay required two.

Bombay managed to get into a pretty messy tussle overnight, so they noticed that he had bite marks all over his body.  Also, I've been grooming him, but the fur around his barrel wouldn't come out.  So, the short hair on his face, neck, withers, and rump was very light while there was this hairy mess of dark hair around his abdomen.  Wouldn't you know it, the hair finally decided to come out today, so he was shedding on people.  The vet's assistant was pulling clumps of hair out with her fingers.  I was embarrassed.  They probably thought that I never groom the horse and allow the other horses to beat him up.  I've never seen him bitten as much as he was today.  One of the bite marks was swollen.  Poor guy.

Despite the discounts, the bill ended up eating up a good chunk of our tax return that was supposed to pay for our new refrigerator.  Thank God I only do this once a year.


Crystal said...

Ugh ya its sure not cheap but nice to have it over with for the year. Funny about the hair, I got one who still has guard hairs left and others don't kinda frustrating that shes the one I'm trying to sell so people are looking at her weird

Mrs Shoes said...

A vet who gave you CREDIT (for your efforts) & a BREAK on the Price?
That's a Keeper Nuz!