Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Thrills

It's supposed to get up to 101 degrees F today.  Before I rode, P.S. came over to help with barn chores.  Where before we had an agreement that she did barn chores in exchange for riding, now we have an agreement that she does barn chores once a week in exchange for me photographing her wedding!  She's getting married, and I'm so happy for her.

Anyway, we were standing on the driveway talking when I looked up to see this bird chasing a black racer snake right toward us.  I pointed and said, "There's a snake!"

P.S. smartly looked at her feet first before reacting, but this snake was off in the distance.  It was coming at us fast, though, so we stepped out of the way to let it pass since the bird was attacking it.  It stopped before it reached us and went into a hole in the rock wall.  I don't see racers very often, so it was a thrill.  My husband saw a red racer by our shed the other day, but I've never seen a red one, only black ones.

I rode Bombay again.  I was hoping I could talk P.S. into riding with me, but she had other things to do.  Rock seems a bit put off that I've been riding the gray horses and leaving him at the barn.

I like to ride past the power poles where the ravens made their nest this year, so that I can check on the progress of their babies.  They were out of the nest and perched at the top of the pole as if they were ready to fly.  I took pictures, but because it's a small camera with a warped lens, they look like they are way off in the distance, and you can barely see them even if you blow up the images.

I noticed mama or papa raven flitting around on the ground at the base of the poles, and then forgot about it.  Right when we rode past the poles, Bombay spooked in place and the raven flew off the ground just a couple of feet from us.  A bush had been blocking our view of it.

Then we rode home on a different trail and I saw both parent ravens up ahead.  One was at the top of a blooming saguaro eating something, and the other was in a Palo Verde tree on the opposite side of the trail.  I stopped Bombay to take a picture, and right then this loud, stupid helicopter flew low right over our heads and scared them off.  Someone changed a flight path somewhere and now we've got noisy helicopters, small aircraft, and jumbo jets flying directly over our barn.  It's annoying.  I had to yell to get Bombay to hear me say whoa.  He usually stops if I just exhale and sit deep, but he was too excited about getting back to the barn, so I had to add in a voice cue.

He was all jittery in the last leg of our trail ride.  I simply picked up the rein to tell him that we were turning onto a different trail and he jumped and looked around trying to figure out why we were turning.  But what was really funny was that he was so anxious to get back that he wasn't watching where he put his feet, and he tripped.  I said, "Are you okay?"

And he nickered in such a way that it sounded like he said, "Uh huh."

Gabbrielle asked me to ride her when I put Bombay away in the barn, but I told her it was too hot.  I had to get in the house before I died.  I looked in the mirror and my face was beet red and dripping with sweat.  If I walked into a hospital in that condition, they'd bring me a wheelchair or gurney.


Crystal said...

Oh I cant imagine riding in that heat, when it gets hot here I have to get up and ride before 9 in the morning. I notice that weird lens look with my go pro too everything is so far even when its so close

TeresaA said...

sounds like a good ride. I'm glad that you are getting to enjoy your horses.